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Hello All,

I know that good dining in the Magic Kingdom can be an oxymoron but here goes.

We want to have dinner in the Magic Kingdom during the Halloween party. The smart thing to do would be to leave, eat at a monorail resort and return, but we don’t want to loose too much time.

On past trips we dined in
  • Liberty Tree Tavern – the best was when it was a character meal, but I digress.
  • Diamond Horseshoe – same menu as LTT now a days
  • Crystal Palace was fair to meh
  • Plaza Inn – ditto

  • We are from New England with excellent seafood and Italian restaurants so no real interest in,
  • Columbia House
  • Tony’s town Square
We have not dined at these restaurants, but they looks interesting
  • Skipper’s Canteen
  • Tomorrowland Terrace (will it be open in the fall?)
Of the restaurants in the Magic Kingdom which would you recommend?

Thank You



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Liberty Tree…our go to restaurant at MK…we only eat at CP for breakfast because I LOVE Pooh’s puffed French toast…other than that, the egg rolls in the cart outside the bridge to Adventureland and the Cheshire Cat tails…that’s IT for us in MK…hopefully the beignets are coming with TBA.


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we only eat at CP for breakfast because I LOVE Pooh’s puffed French toast.
RIP Pooh’s puffed toast


Mickey churro waffles NOT the same.

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Sleepy hollow, Casey’s, Gaston’s, Eggroll Cart are good quick service. Be our guest and Cinderella’s Royal Table are good but expensive. Skippers Canteen is pretty agreed upon for being good food for decent prices.


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Personally, I wouldn't spend valuable party time in a sit-down restaurant, but if I were going to, Skipper's Canteen would be my choice. Good food and a fun atmosphere.


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I would try to get an early ADR. Since you can get into MK around 4:00 try to eat before the party starts maybe 5:00. If you are using a park day for MK or park hopping earlier then eating at a monorail resort is an okay option.


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We enjoy Skipper's Canteen. Wouldn't go to MK just to dine there but if dining in park that's our choice. Agree with other posters that I'd try to get an early reservation and not take up much party time. Eating a late and big lunch and then snacking around the party is another option.

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I liked Skippers when it first opened and had the whole fish. Menu was a bit more adventurous. Last time we went service was spotty and food just OK. Liberty Tree has been good last few years for us.
Skipper's Canteen would be very enjoyable if you want to do table service.

But if you really want to know how I'd do it (and how I will do it) I'm hitting up Disney Springs for a late breakfast (brunch idk) and then snacking the entire party since the menu tends to be pretty good at the quick services and the carts with seasonal offerings. No need to leave the party, I'm rolling up when they let the party in! Literally. Wheelchair.

Cause there's more unique stuff to eat at the party and I'd rather enjoy those options.

Otherwise yeah, Skipper Canteen.


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Of those options I would say Skipper Canteen. I wouldn't go outside the park during a party - you would lose so much time. I saw you haven't been to Be Our Guest - it's not phenomenal food but the experience is a lot of fun!

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