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Difficulty in obtaining a Guest Assistance Pass


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We had no issues, they are not allowed to ask your disability.

I'm not exactly sure how this belief became so widespread, because it is simply not true. Businesses, whether theme parks or movie theaters, are not required by law to "take your word for it" regarding your disability. They can require proof of need of an accommodation. Of course, most don't, because most accommodations are simple enough to meet, and it isn't really customer-friendly or worth the hassle. Funnily enough, the only thing businesses can't require is proof that a service animal is in fact a service animal.


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Yes, but people without the passes, and who are physically waiting in line, also are unable to do another house during that wait time. GAP-holders aren't entitled to be able to experience more attractions than the average guest.
For those of us with someone dealing with a cognitive disability, the inability to do something "exciting" between rides can defeat the entire purpose of having the pass. They can't sit on a bench or travel all the way to the hotel and back any better than they can tolerate standing in that line. My Autistic son loves the park. Next week I will fly us across the country, spend four nights in a hotel on property, and have tickets for five days to the parks. Thousands of dollars later, we are lucky if we are able to spend 10-15 hours total in the parks over the course of those 5 days before he hits his capacity for being in the chaos. The disability passes are not a "perk" to those of us who legitimately need them. They are the only way we ever get to experience the more popular rides, and the ability to squeeze -literally anything- in between them might be the only way we ever get to do more than one.
I know this isn't everyone's experience, but it doesn't seem like you are considering these types of circumstances in your responses.

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