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Ok, the rumor/news updates are slowing down. Not much is know past the 50th anniversary. When can we expect the next round of news and rumors? Will this be a big Destination D year? Is Disney waiting on the Iger succession plan to happen before the next wave of investments? Are they waiting on Epic Universe to firm up? With the low attendance at the opening of both Star Wars lands, are we going to see less lead time in the future for new attractions as to not encourage guests to delay travel plans?


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A payment system that automatically maxes out your credit card as soon as you enter the property, but will allow for itemized refunds with the proper submission of notarized paperwork. Chapek will then market Disney as an "all-inclusive" resort.


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I'd think we'd probably get a preview of the 50th stuff, and hopefully updates on epcot? I'm setting my expectations low and hoping they can clear that bar.

Or maybe it'll be a new night parade, rose gold castle, and shanghai pirates :cool:


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Anyone heard anything about ticket sales for this? Or do we just assume they’re holding off on moving forward until they know WDW will even be open...


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Wasn’t there discussion a while back that a ride using the Shanghai pirates system was being pitched for WDW? And then I seem to remember that getting shelved.


I've fancied the idea of putting Shanghai Pirates in DHS and then removing the Captain Jack elements from MK's POTC. The two rides would be quite different experiences then. DHS could really use such a high capacity ride and it even previously hosted a Jack Sparrow attraction before.
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You’re thinking of the Jungle Book ride at Animal Kingdom or EPCOT.

@marni1971 confirmed recently (if I understood him) that there was a competition between DHS (Indiana Jones ride) and DAK/Epcot (Jungle Book ride) to get dibs on the Shanghai POTC tech and the winner was... no one, as it was deemed too costly. And we guests sadly get nothing.

I really hope this isn't like LPS trackless where the domestic parks don't get a new tech for many years after it was developed.
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Just as well. Realistically under the circumstances they wouldn’t have been able to announce much. They need time to re-evaluate projects. The unfortunate part is many were hopeing for 50th Anniversary announcements.


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If Destination D does indeed get moved to 2021 like they had said. Does anyone know if tickets to that event were previously sold out? Although at this point I could see them turning it into a virtual event.
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