Depp in Action for Disney, Bruckheimer


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From the WDE Daily Report and the Hollywood Reporter

Depp in Action for Disney, Bruckheimer

(Hollywood Reporter) -- Johnny Depp, action star? Jerry Bruckheimer thinks so. The independent-minded Depp -- who has worked with such talents as the eccentric Tim Burton ("Sleepy Hollow") and the exiled Roman Polanski ("The Ninth Gate") -- is in the process of agreeing to star in two films for action impresario Bruck-heimer. Depp is in negotiations to sign a two-picture deal with the Walt Disney Co. that will see the actor work-ing on back-to-back action projects for the producer, "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Takedown." The actor would shoot "Pirates" for director Gore Verbinski in October and then segue into the March start for "Take-down," which Michael Haussman is directing.

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