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This sounds like a great idea, I have a Spotify playlist of Park music called Disney Dream
and sorcerer radio is a great app for Disney music, very excited for this one!!!


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This site has lots of great forums, but one that the site doesn't have that I feel would be a good addition is a music forum. Basically, it could be a forum where the music loop and attraction audio nerds like yours truly could gather, and we could discuss Disney parks audio, share legal audio (such as YouTube videos), and work to piece together incomplete loops. It could be a resource for people to find certain tracks that they are looking for, as well as the names of tracks. Some existing threads could be moved there, and I would be more than willing to help with going through General Discussion and finding the music threads from the past several years to be moved over. I think there would be a decent sized audience for a music forum, and it could even become the internet's main hub for all things Disney music, similar to how people from all over come to News and Rumors to see the latest happenings. Just an idea.
This is a great idea!
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