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This used to be Route 66. It's was the decor on the Wonder between what is now Azure leading to the Cadillac Lounge (right behind me in this shot) on deck 3 (this shot faces aft). The whole area is now called After Hours but the passageway is kinda bland now.
What a shame so, cool looking.


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front and back of lunch menu at Triton's:

Ok, this picture was originally posted back in 2014. I randomly came across it yesterday because I was looking through old posts, just to see pictures of DCL, because I miss it, and my cruise in April was cancelled and I'm pathetic. Anyway, I'm looking at this menu and I say out loud (I'm alone at my desk, by the way), "Oooo, I love those Tamarind-Glazed Kabobs".

I then scroll down, looking for the next picture. But the very next post is from me and it says "Oh my gosh, I LOVE the tamarind-glazed beef kabobs!!" LOL:joyfull::joyfull::joyfull:
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