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David's or DVC Rental Store?


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There are some lake view rooms where you can see the fireworks. And you can request rooms. Whether you're successful or not is a roll of the dice. I've only tried it once on touringplans (they fax a request for you and have pics from many rooms) but I got the exact room I asked for at Kidani. (I have a request waiting to be sent for a BLT lake view room for our spring trip, so we'll see how that goes.)


FWIW, unless there are multiple small kiddos, personally 5 people in one studio with one bathroom seems an awfully tight squeeze. But of course we do what we can to stay within our budgets for Disney. :)
We frequently do this, 4 adults and 1 child in 1 studio room. Cramped? A bit. But the only real problem we have with the bathroom is in the morning when we tend to take showers. Just takes a bit of planning and to help with this, some of us shift our showers to the evening. We all like each other and we all tend to be easy going. And we don't spend much time in the room except to sleep. Occasionally, some of us may take afternoon naps or even go to the room in the evening to read, but when we do that, we don't ALL do that, so the room isn't always full.
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