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DAS Advance Selection question


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My family is utilizing the DAS on our next trip. We did the video chat and made the Advance Selections. Now, another member of the family is joining us on our HS day. He bought his tickets but when I chatted with DAS they said to add a person, they will need to cancel our Advance Selections and then check to see if they have any for the new number in our party. We have Slinky Dog Dash and Smuggler's Run - would you let them cancel to look for another one or is there a way to add in the park? I'm nervous that if I have them cancel there won't be another one and we won't get the rides we wanted. Thanks for any advice.


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I agree, I would NOT cancel your reservations…again, it’s not WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it…if you go to the DAS CM, and turn on the charm, and are REALLY polite and apologetic for the extra guest, I’d venture to say you’ve got better than a 50/50 shot of them bending the rules and making an exception for your party. The worst they can say is no…I would make the request on a ride by ride basis, not at GS. Good luck!!
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