"Dark Disney"--Lost Media?


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In probably 2012 or 2013, I used to avidly read a Tumblr blog entitled "Dark Disney." They posted all sorts of supposedly true ghost stories from Disneyland. The three stories that stood out to my mind were:
  • The ghost of a kid who was run over by the Monorail was seen by a security guard inside one of the trains(?) I'm a little hazy on the exact details of this one.
  • Cast members who would hear/see the ghost of a woman walking behind them on "Dolly's Dip" on the Matterhorn
  • The ghost on the PeopleMover who would pull the hair of blonde women, spotted on camera by the author.
I used to love reading the stories on the blog, especially the above three. However, the blog is defunct and the pages those stories were on were not archived on Web Archive! I seem to recall the Monorail and Matterhorn stories were re-posted from a different blog, but I searched on Tumblr and can't find them. I know there are a hundred variations of these stories online when you Google them, but the writing style and first-hand nature of the ones featured on the blog were enough to send shivers down my spine. Does anyone else remember these? Does anyone know where or even if these posts can still be found online? Am I just not looking hard enough? Thank you for any help you're able to provide!
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I like the story about the kid that died. His mother had him cremated and then sprinkled the ashes in the Haunted Mansion. The ghost of the boy has been seen in the unload area of the mansion.
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