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Currently Have Off-site Hotel during 50th - Worth it to switch to On-site?


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I thought you weren't supposed to stay on Govt rate unless you're at that hotel to support Govt work. Maybe I was taught incorrectly and it's sometimes more akin to a teacher rate/firefighter rate, etc.

Depends on the rate rules, Many times all you need is a government issued employee ID, my BIL went to work for USAF as a civillian I remember how happy he was when I told him he was eligible to stay at Shades of Green so he's had a bunch of Disney vacations since then.


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Truly, I don't recall.

But I looked it up, and it was the Springhill Suites. It was nice. As I said earlier though, the Hilton suites hotel was REALLY nice.

Another favorite Orlando though is the Residence Inn near Universal. I think the new Marriott that's about to open is a Residence Inn. If it is like the one by Universal, it will be very nice, especially once a few of the new restaurants open up over that way. I mean, the rooms are just about perfect, IMO. I really love the entire layout of the room, like the television swivels. That's just so convenient! Also, plenty of outlets for charging electric devices!

The only downside of the Residence Inn compared to on WDW property is that the pools aren't as well themed. Since you mentioned the value resorts though, those don't have pool slides. the value pools are themed, but not like the mod and deluxe WDW hotel pools. The Townhomes and Springhill pool is pretty basic. On the plus, there were grills.

Do you remember on whether you could get a shuttle from there to WDW parks? The Townplace website mentions a shuttle in the overall summary but when you click on the link it doesn't show anything. Springhill suites doesn't show a shuttle at all. I figure if you stay at either one you have access to the amenities in both outside your room (e.g. free breakfast from central lobby).


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I had a car, so unfortunately I didn't pay attention.

At other Marriott properties I' have had good pre-pandemic experiences with their transportation, but I don't suppose that helps you much. Might be worth a phone call to ask.


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In the same boat here we always (like suckers I know) stayed on property, but lack of perks and etc, we are trying our first Swan and Dolphin stay in Nov. I know its a quasi on off property property, but still saved us a ton over staying at Poly or GF! I think wife will make us return to the Disney Hotels as its not enough Disney for her LOL
My husband thought that, too. Other people in his agency said they used their discounts on holidays and he was skeptical. He works for an agency within the Department of the Treasury. He contacted ethics and they told him it was up to the discretion of the hotel. If the hotel stipulates that discount is for employees there for work, then you may only book for that reason. If there is no stipulation, then it's ok to book.

These are all of the different S/D discounts for certain populations, the government discount is the last one listed.

This is correct, and it's been reaffirmed over and over again by agencies - federal employees are allowed to book using the government rate as long as the hotel does not specify that the rate is only for official travel. Some hotels do say in the fine print that you must be on official travel to use the rate, so that's not allowed.

Marriott is actually one of the best about this. Their corporate policy is they allow personal use of the government rate for leisure travel for all of their hotels unless the individual hotel further stipulates it can't be used. From my experience, most hotels allow it except at certain times of the year.


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There is one other benefit of staying on-site I forgot about until now - dining reservations extend out for the length of your stay once you reach the 60 day out mark. For me, staying off-site, I can only make them day to day. So beginning August 2, dining reservations are going to be crazy for those going during the 50th and my choices are likely to be quickly diminished. Which in some ways is okay. It saves me money.

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