Crystal Palace, Woody’s Lunch Box and Tomorrowland Terrace reopening dates


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I felt the tables at Crystal Palace were a little tight even before the pandemic, looking forward to seeing the new layout.

To me, closing down Woody's was a strange decision from the beginning since there's plenty of space there to socially distance.


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Did anybody see that in their announcement they said crispy fried chicken, but the menu online says baked chicken leg? I hope the baked chicken leg is a mistake.


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Puzzling they kept one of their true outdoor dining locations closed during a pandemic. I know it is on the smaller side when you account for increased distancing but it has good airflow, etc.


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Happy to see Tomorrowland Terrace taking on Columbia Harbor House menu items. MK food is trash currently as far as QS goes. Crystal Palace reopening will be nice but a set menu (like BoG & Cindy's) is too much food

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