Create a complimentary personalized 'Share a Coke' product this weekend at Epcot


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I actually did this today at Busch Gardens. (Much closer to my home than Epcot.) It was cute. They let everyone do two cans per person. So Love got 2 and I got 2. They won't allow nicknames or anything weird. Love tried to do "Little Fox" anyway (it's a nickname) and it came up with an error that it wasn't in their database.


Yeah these are popping up everywhere but it must be good if you're thirsty to grab a free can of coke.

Being outside 10 hours a day 6 days a week, anything cold to drink is a godsend. Though coke and the sodium makes me hafta use the bathroom like 10 minutes later.

Should engrave like a hidden mickey on the can too, make it a little more disney-esque

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Why not? It's free, Coke is the sponsor, and it's something that the guest can get and walk away with and think "that's sort of neat".

It's not even something good/bad for WDW. It's good for Coke. They get great word of mouth because of it and there's really nothing bad out of it.

There are far worse problems in this park than free personalized coke cans.


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We had this fad in the UK about a year or 2 ago, everyone seemed to go nuts for it at the time......completely died off now though.

They even had trucks touring the country at one point, like just parking up in supermarket car parks and opening up.

It's just a can of standard coke with a name on it people!
I actually know people that waited hours to see the trucks, i didn't get the appeal myself. Coke is my favorite drink but you would catch me waiting in a dark car park in the middle of winter for it!

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