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Cranium Command Voices Question

One Lil Spark

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Okay, I know that Robin Williams is the voice of General Knowledge in Cranium Command. I've been listening to the pre-show and the actual show on a CD that I burnt to listen to in my car before my spring break trip to get me hyped. I've noticed that the voices seem to change from the pre-show to the show.

Buzzy is a COMPLETELY different voice in the show, and General Knowledge seems to sound more like the guy from Full Metal Jacket in the actual show than Robin Williams. Is this true?

Can anyone tell me if they are in fact different voices for each segment of the attraction? And if they are, why would Disney do that?

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Have a very Disney Day! :wave:


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Actually, Robin Williams is not the voice of General Knowledge. That is a rumor that was started many years ago, but it just isn't true. The voice of General Knowledge in both the preshow and main show is supplied by veteran voice actor Corey Burton, who has done many, many other voices for Disney. I never have been able to find out who is the voice of Buzzy though.

However, I believe all the voices are the same in the preshow and in the main show. Perhaps they just sound different on the recording because of the nature of the recording. I.E., it was probably done using a video camera or something like that, which doesn't always accurately record sound due to ambient noise, distance from speakers, and the like.

You can find more voices for Cranium Command and others on my Epcot Voices page.

One Lil Spark

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The Buzzy in the preshow sounds more... hmmm... pubescent (for lack of a better term). His voice is deeper and a little more crackily. The Buzzy of the show has a higher pitched 12 year old boy voice.

Has anyone else noticed this?

General Grizz

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I will confirm that General Knowledge is voiced by the famous Corey Burton.

Along with the chicken.

Good analysis, Jennifer. But you should hear the Cranium Command demo. Wanna hear a 40 year old Buzzy??
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