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News Crane for Castle Christmas Lights in place


all I care about is getting a fresh coat of paint on those turrets after these lights come down, they're looking PRETTY dry.

Sleeping Beauty Castle looks amazing in person after its refurbishment, and I can't help but think of how much more impressive our castle would look with some extensive TLC 🥺


New Member
Is this crane gone yet? How long does this take?


Well-Known Member
People moan about how ugly and out of the place the lights are (they're lying) but the minute Chapek decides they're "obsolete technology" and cuts them, those same people will throw a hissy fit. Some can't be pleased. 🤷‍♂️


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You really have to look for them to see them in person and they only show up in pictures if your really close. Besides liking the aesthetic I’ll take WDWs lights and how they look during the day and in October over Disneyland, all my Halloween shots from last year had snow on the castle and their iscles are really ugly during the day.
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