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Covid Vaccine Updates and General Discussion About Vaccines

Will you take a Covid vaccine once one is approved and deemed safe and effective by the FDA?

  • Yes, stick me please

  • No, I will wait

  • No, I will never take one

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This won't be over by October. Having the pandemic and the spread of the virus stopped dead in it's tracks in 2 months is generous. You will still have the ones who think if you get vaccinated, you get chiped or the govt is tracking you or some other conspiracy nonsense. I give it by this time next year.


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This cannot be stressed enough. Our only way out of this is to get enough people vaccinated and the best way to encourage the unvaccinated to go in is to keep highlighting just how effective the vaccines are. It’s tragic to see some media and some members of the general public running with this nonsense that somehow the vaccines aren’t working because of the delta variant. People ran with this false narrative for god knows what reason, but it’s really foolish and certainly doesn’t help someone on the fence decide to go in and get vaccinated. Breakthrough infections are still rare.


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Sort of makes it hard to push a policy to make vaccinated people wear masks.
I think if we had an effective and practical way to differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated people then the guidance wouldn’t have changed….or even better if 90%+ of the eligible people actually got vaccinated back in April/May it wouldn’t matter. Instead we have what we have today :( At least we know that fully vaccinated people are still well protected.


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This might interest some of you.
Disney Cruise Line's (DCL)requirements for boarding vs Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's (RCCL)requirements. Their policies to deal with the current times in which the Delta Variant is still a concern.
I hope the readers feel that this relates to this thread because their mentioning of Covid Testing and Vaccination Status...it comes into play in this link.
You can cut to the chase after opening the link....just scroll to the bottom of the thread.


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The only reason I would be against this is because there's no medical exceptions. Not that I'm dining indoors or going to the gym myself since I can't get get vaccinated, but it would be nice if there were a way to specify on their app that you can't get the vaccine for x reason and you agree to wear a mask when not actively eating or drinking.


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Sort of makes it hard to push a policy to make vaccinated people wear masks.
I support WDW policy as an example to wear masks indoors. Any type of improved protection I'm all for it. I have seen first hand the incredible long waits to get into the hospital ER and to be admitted for a loved one who is vaccinated and needed non covid medical attention. It is not pretty during the pandemic of the unvaccinated.


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The U.S. has donated over 110 million doses of coronavirus vaccines to more than 60 countries, totaling more in donated shots than all other countries combined, the White House said. The Biden administration said that this doesn’t include the half a billion Pfizer-BioNTech doses it purchased for low-income countries, which will begin shipping out at the end of this month.

Full authorization maybe by Labor Day...


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