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I haven't seen (maybe I have missed it) any reports from people who were at the parks as to what procedures Disney has implemented. I was wanting to see how they compared to their competitors after having been to both Universal and Busch Gardens in recent weeks. I do have to say I was very impressed by Universal and was very disappointed in Busch Gardens.

  • Sanitizer stations
  • Visibly increases sanitation
  • Staff wiping down railings on rides
  • Sanitizer provided to each guest prior to boarding rides
    • I really liked this as it forced guests to sanitize their hands regularly
  • Staff making sure everyone was always wearing a mask
  • Physical distancing enforced on rides
Busch Gardens:
  • Sanitizer stations
    • many are full, some are broken/empty, many guests don't go out of their way to use them
  • Wiping down ride cars every hour (whether they needed it or not :p)
    • If you are the first group of riders after the wipe down you are protected, otherwise I guess you are SOL?
    • They also were not physically distancing riders on the coasters even when rows were taped off for boarding, the staff loaded those rows using the row entrance in front or behind them.


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There has been some discussion in one of the other threads, I posted a list here:

The only think on your list that Disney is not doing it having CM's provide the sanitizer, but there are dispensers at the start end of each ride.


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I was there on Saturday for opening day. Here’s what I observed. FWIW, I was at US and IOA Wed-Friday and they were great in their procedures.

Hand Sanitizer stations are posted at all entrances and exits (rides, attractions, eateries).

One way in and one way out of all shops and eateries.

Most all food items are mobile order only.

All guests are adhereing to mask wearing.

Busses are plentiful and max of 25 people per bus (I think).

Cast members are wearing masks and a lot are also wearing face shields.

Crowds were very low and most people were doing a great job with social distancing. There were a few exceptions as always.

I didn’t observe cast members sanitizing between loading and unloading. Doesn’t mean they didn’t. I just didn’t see it.


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Disney is doing everything the other parks are doing. From reports coming in from all the bloggers the CM's are on top of guests who arent wearing masks properly. Those guests who are trying to enter with unapproved masks are being required to buy proper masks. All rides and park surfaces are being constantly sanitized. Disney, from whats being shown have been more successful at controlling the non conforming guests than the other parks.
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