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Went to see Ice Age yesterday. Missed the Star Wars preview because I was getting popcorn :( But, I did get to see the Country Bears Movie preview. Have any of you seen it? I was disappointed, because it has a very updated rock feel to it. I know. They need to keep up with the times and make a more current version, etc. But I had a brief moment of fear running thru my body. What if they decide to close the Country Bear Jamboree and revamp it to go along with the movie? That would stink! Anyways, that is just speculation, I haven't really heard anything like that. Hopefully they will leave Country Bears alone. But I was kinda hoping the movie would have a more country/hillbilly feel, like the show at WDW does. Oh, BTW, Ice Age was very funny. We all liked it a lot. Animation (computer generated) left a lot to be desired, but then again, it's not Disney!
I saw it yesterday also, and I thought that even with the rock feel, TCB looks like its gonna be a fun movie. Oh BTW I did get to see the SW trailer, and all I can say is. WOW!!!!! Ice age did leave alot to be desired as far as the humans go but I thought the animals were done pretty well.

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Yep, I heard that the trailer was on. What was on it? Can you describe it?

Yep, I am VERY upset about the movie. The whole rock thing...they are not the same bears, etc. I was very upset when I found out they weren't the same bears.

I agree, changing CBJ would stink. I created a petition at to prevent it. I would send it to Disney when more rumors come out about this. I have heard from a few people that if the film is a huge success, they would change CBJ...

Let's cross our fingers this doesn't happen... :(
lets see:
Boy Bear raised by humans as their son.
Realizes he's adopted.
Goes to find family.
They're a traviling band.
Becomes famous.

i think that pretty much covers it.


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Yeah, that's pretty accurate. What bothered me most was that the word "country" doesn't really apply to these bears. They don't look country, they don't act country, they don't sound country. Heck, they don't even sing country music. They don't look at all like the CBJ bears. And the boy bear reminds me more of Micheal J. Fox in Back to the Future than anything else.


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Is ticked off that they use ACTUAL country music on the "COMING SOON!" website. That tune they played there better be in the movie...

Wait a second, wouldn't what Liver Lips plays in Vacation Hoedown be considered "country rock?"



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What really makes you think is this:
- They have an atraction called Country Bear Jamboree
-They think they could base a movie on it
-They develop a story that twists the concept of the original attraction
-They change the original attraction to fit their twisted story

If they had half a brain, they'd skip a lot of those steps and just tell the story of Grizzly Hall and Country Bear Jamboree, like how they got together or something.
But, what do I know, I'm just a paying guest who loves Disney...


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Hey Rodrigo,
I love your sig line!!!! The fact that Disney is so clean is one of the things that makes it so magical to us!
And I agree with you on the CB movie. Maybe they didn't think anyone would enjoy a movie about an old attraction?

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