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Country Bear Jamboree


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Disney is making a movie based on the country bear jamboree. http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/countrybears/
This is the main site with a link to the movies trailer. . . what do you think

I think the movie may have some comical quality to it, special effects quality as well, but it sure doesn't look enough like the country bear jamboree. Wheres Gomer??? And I'm nearly positive the song "Blood on the Saddle" will be nowhere near the songs soundtrack

Lets hope Eddie Murphys Haunted Mansion turns out better


Yes I hope the Haunted mansion movie with Eddie Murphey turns out better. I think this movie should have been based more on the ride. It looks kind of cheesy. It's probably going to flop. I hate to be so negative but I watched the trailer for it and it just doesn't look that great. The Haunted Mansion movie is supposed to be based on the Disneyland Haunted MAnsion though I think. Well Time will tell.


Well now I know I'm not the only one that feels this way. You know Disney could have done SUCH a better job with this. I can't believe they went and screwed it up the way they did. I agree with orlpassholder, It is an insult to the Country Bear Jamboree attraction.

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