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Counting Days on Your Ticket

Christian Fronckowiak

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Hi everyone-
Our first trip to WDW in the FP+ era has been booked and I started getting my Fastpasses today. My question is due to a mistake that I made this morning, which was book a FP for today instead of the day that I wanted.

So my question is: Are days counted by walking through the turnstiles as in the past, or did my accidental Fastpass (that I did go back and delete) make today count as the first day on my ticket?

Thanks for your help!


Beta Return
A day is only deducted from your park ticket when you physically enter a park.

However, you'll want to cancel those Fastpasses and re-book them for the correct date, because it will only allow you to book Fastpasses for as many days as you have on your linked tickets (assuming you're booking for 60-days away).

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