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Countdown to our Disney Wedding :) a step by step report of planning our wedding

This thread has been invaluable as we are looking into a Disney wedding, although a much smaller one, lol! I hope you come back and update with the report!
Hey Everyone,

After getting married I left my job and with it lost my work phone so I also lost the multifactor authentication I had setup so this is my new account I finally made :) I know it has been a long time but I promise I am now working on a trip report and getting pictures uploaded :) For our 1 year anniversary we ended up going to Disney Land and now we are currently 26 weeks pregnant which is awesome :) It was a beautiful day :)

This thread has been invaluable as we are looking into a Disney wedding, although a much smaller one, lol! I hope you come back and update with the report!
We're so glad to hear our experience is helping people :)
So exciting! I can't wait to read more! My fiance and I just really got the ball rolling wtih our wedding planning because we are doing the Memories Package because no one would have been able to make it to WDW except our parents and by brother, so we are doing the same thing as you where we are have receptions/ceremonies back home in my home state MA and where we live now, CO. We just got the Letter of Agreement - it came about a week after we sent the wedding planner the information to put on the contract, just to let you know!
By chance did you get the bride and groom magic bands and boxes? I know this is a long shot but would you be interested in selling them? I'm paying extremely well for a set with boxes. Thanks!
Congratulations! I really enjoy your posts!

My fiancee and I are currently working with our planner for our wedding next spring. Like you, we are spending our complementary night at Poly :) This whole process can be a little overwhelming but we are having a great time making our selections for the tastings on our planning day.

Your posts have helped greatly!

Thank you for this report, and congratulations again!!

Did you by chance receive the bride and groom magic bands? If so would you consider selling for a very good price?
Ok so update:

Wedding Planning trip:

We ended up making this a mini vacation, we were there for 5 days around the planning session and ended up staying in the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort, we are saving staying on property until our wedding.

The day went by so fast, our planning session was at 9am. We first finalized our rehearsal Dinner which as I mentioned before will be in the Californian Grill Napa room, we tried to see this during our dinner at the Californian Grill this trip but it was hosting an event so alas, we will wait to see it till our rehearsal dinner lol.

I honestly cannot remember everything about the menu we picked but we did a plated duo with chicken and steak and we have a large number of vegiterians so the chef will be making a custom Entree for them that night :).

After this we did my favorite part, cake testing!!! We decided our wedding cake will be three tiers, with the top and bottom being a lemon cake with raspberry filling(absolutely amazing) and then the middle tier and the random cake they bake on the side to serve will be chocolate cake with peanut butter cup filling... This was my favorite and I can say it is one of the things I am looking forward to most that day lol(at least food wise...)

Next we met with our florist and honestly, I was a little over whelmed at this point but my Fiancée handled it well and we kept pushing deciding our flowers, center pieces, table linens, and general decoration for the reception hall and ceremony. The details I do remember(sorry it was a lot to go through and all in only a few hours lol) are we are doing cylinder vases with orchids and floating candles with a runner down the isle at the Wedding Pavilion for the ceremony. Our reception will have purple up lighting, black table clothes with purple runners, sliver chair covers with purple bows. Our center pieces will be three floating candles with alternating orchids, "stock(a purple flower)", and calla lilies (white with purple centers) in the vases and an led light in the bottom of each vase.

We then had a break and wandered through the Grand Floridian for a bit before our menu tasting.

Once it started it was awesome, we were taken to a nice table in the kitchen of the convention center and the Executive Chef and another Chef(I feel horrible but I don't remember his name...) explained what we picked and how they prepared it. Honestly we are not fancy people... We had to google half the things we ended up picking for our menu before our trip so this was just over the top for us. Once again... So much information so I don't remember what we picked for everything for the meal but once we get the BOE I will post an update for the menu(After I have a heart attack for how much it costs lol...) I do know we picked for an appetizer this AMAZING breaded mozzarella thing with pears and reduced red wine... it was at one point so incredibly fancy yet so Midwest and amazing we couldn't not have it. For our salad course I think we just picked a normal salad... for the entree course we have a 4 choices (because about half of our guests are veterinarians we wanted them to have 2 options just like the carnivores lol) we picked a simple chicken breast with a simple sauce, a steak, a mushroom ravioli, and this Indian rotini pasta with a red curry which was really good too. We chose to have no desert course sense we are having the cake. For the Bride and myself we decided we wanted different things for the entree so the Bride is having the rotini pasta dish with more kick(spicier) and I am having a duo plate with seared scallops and chicken.

For the cocktail hour we decided to do a twist on a normal mashed potato bar. We are having three starches, a normal gold yukon mashed potato, mac n cheese(with lobster on the side), and a mushroom risotto. This sounds absolutely amazing and is something we both are really excited about and are worried we will fill up on food before the actual meal lol.

After the planning session our day will look like this:

Bride dress is delivered to Brides room by Carolyn Allen's Bridal and Tuxedos to be steamed on site, as well as to steam any other bridal party dresses or tuxes which are needed.

Makeup will start for the Bride and Bridesmaids.

Getting ready photos will start.

Limo will pickup Groom, Groomsmen, and Father of the Bride from Pop century at 2:50pm to drop off at the Grand Floridian for photos.

Limo will pickup Family of Groom from Contemporary to drop off at Grand Floridian for photos.

Groom side photos

Limo will bring bride and bridesmaids from Contemporary to Grand Floridian for photos(we are not seeing each other before the ceremony).

Limo takes Groom and Groomsmen to Wedding Pavilion.

4 - 4:30pm:
Bride side photos

Limo takes Bride, and other people to Wedding Pavilion.

5 - 6pm:

6 - 7 pm:
Together photos after ceremony & cocktail hour for guests

7 - 11pm:


A few things I did not mention which we are excited about for the day:

Photo Mingle: An interactive twist on a photo booth which allows guests to write messages on the photo using a 32" touch screen and then allows them to print out a 4x6 inch photo at the reception. We will get a photo book and digital copies of all photos taken at the reception with this.

Alone time: We have planned about 20-30 minutes of alone time after the ceremony where they will bring us food from the cocktail hour and we can just be an excited newly wed couple :)

Menu Flexibility: This was really important because often there is only 1 option for veterinarians at restaurants and weddings and often that option tastes great it just isn't realistic to expect 30 of them to all want the same thing at a wedding lol. Also for both the rehearsal dinner and the reception/cocktail hour Disney is being incredibly helpful and flexible with my Sister's menu; she has crones and her specific issues are dairy and uncooked vegetables. They helped us design a custom menu for her which works around these which I did not expect and is great because it means she doesn't have to worry about how much or what she can eat at my wedding which is something she always has to worry about.
Did you by chance receive the bride and groom magic bands? If so would you consider selling for a very good price?