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Costumes - where from?

uncle jimmy

Premium Member
Might depend on the corral aswell. I often start in the front and see (a lot) more running gear than costumes. Some are slightly themed, but a lot of race shirts or own gear aswell.
It's up to what you like most, and it's a blessing that you can do either without it being silly :)
I was in B for both and thinking about it, there was more gear runners themed out tanks with sparkle skirts, as @LAKid53 mentioned I get the colors now. Thou the ones decked out in Princess hair, glitter and dress I congratulate them on being able to run that distance in costume.
For Princess Half weekend, you're underdressed if you not dressed as a Princess or in the colours of one (think Disney bounding). The former Star Wars weekend the same (I will miss the running group dressed as TIE fighters).

I go with the colours, rather than an actual costume. I've got lots of Sparkle skirts that I can pair with a running top to be Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Leia, etc. I admire those runners in full costume, like the guy that always dresses - in full costume, including wigs - for Princess weekend.
I admire those in full costume and wigs too, it's fun seeing all the costumes and the creative lengths people go. Lots of Sparkle everywhere!

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