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I’ll be staying at Coronado Springs for the first time this week in a standard room (not Gran Destino tower). I read that the rooms in Gran Destino have an interactive TV where you can stream from your device, and this was going to be rolled out to the rest of the resort. Can anyone confirm if ALL rooms at Coronado Springs now have the interactive TV? Or should I bring my firestick? Thank you!

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We didn't have that in our Ranchos room in May last year, and we couldn't get our Fire Stick to work properly either without unplugging the main HDMI lead into the TV. Even then the volume control stopped working, so we could only use the Stick at ear splitting volume.
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I stayed during the summer in 2023 in the Casitas at Coronado Springs. While you can’t plug in a streaming stick of any kind and get it to work properly, you can cast from a tablet or phone to the TV and still receive all your streaming services from that device on the TV in your room. Casting is actually so much better than using a streaming stick because you don’t have to worry about unplugging/plugging in your device to the actual TV. IMO, all hotels should switch to casting options to allow guests to have the ability to watch their preferred services. This would also maintain and preserve the hotel’s equipment from being subjected to viruses, malware and spyware, which can occur when streaming sticks have to be manually plugged in to TV’s.
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