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my dad has been pondering what kind of material is used on CoP to hide some of the characters until they speak. you know, the parts where it looks like a wall, but then you can see through it once it lights up behind it. my guess is pretty much any material would work for that kind of effect, but he wants to know if there's a specific kind. thanks for any info!


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I am not 100% sure on this, but I THINK its just a painted screen like fabric that is transparent if there is "back light"...when its dark behind it...you wouldnt notice anything other than the paint on the material...

Keep in mind the time this effect was created...so it has to be farily simple...


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The Haunted Mansion ceiling works the same way I believe. Also, many new movie theatres, espically Imax screens work the same way. The only differnce is that the movie screens are made out of aluminum with millions of tiny holes in it.


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thanks you guys! like i said, i kinda figured that's how it worked, but thought i'd ask anyway for dad's sake

woofboy, you're right! i had forgotten about the ceiling in the stretch room at HM! it is done the same way! a very simple, but cool effect!!


Maleante Izquierdozo
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They are called scrims. They are commonly used in theatre for "ghost effects." They are opaque when lit from the front but become translucent, almost transparent when lit from behind- thus revealing the new scene

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