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Contemporary Question

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I am staying at my home resort at Bay Lake Tower for the first time and was wondering if there is a cafe or shop in the building. If not how far is the the closest? I want to know because when I go, I usually get the mug for drinks and was wondering if it is a good idea for this trip.


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I don't have an answer to your question, but this section is more about off-property vacation homes. This might be better suited in the "Disney Vacation Club" or "WDW Resort Hotels" sections.


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I have a contemporary answer to your contemporary question. There is a pool side bar at Bay Lake Tower but all other food and beverage is located inside the main building. Take the enclosed catwalk from Bay Lake Tower to the main A Frame building and you will find quick service to table service restaurants.


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Since you mentioned a mug for drinks, the closest Quick Serve Restaurant would be the Contempo Café on the 4th floor of the main building. There is also a sundries shop there that sells snacks, drinks and some basic food items.


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As others have mentioned, full food/drink service is not in BLT and you have to walk over the walkway connecting, we think, 5th floor BLT to 4th floor CR where Contempo Café QS is located. Also like pool-side bars but they have very limited hours.