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Contemporary - Interior hallway to Garden Wing?


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I'm staying at the Contemporary next week, and currently being overly paranoid about Hurricane Jose's forecast path. It's too far out to say for sure, but there's a chance it could swing toward Florida.

We're staying in the Garden Wing. If we were confined during a storm, is there an interior hallway we could use to get to the main building? I've seen all kinds of great stories about special events put on during Hurricane confinements, and should a bad forecast come to pass I'd be grateful to be able to entertain my kids in the main building.

Google Earth looks like there might be a hallway between the buildings without going outside, but I'm not certain.


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No there's not. Just a covered walkway.


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It is a very short walk too, so you might get a little wet depending on which way the wind/rain is blowing.


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Whilst the events are on I would think you would probably be OK getting to the main building.

Once any curfew was in force then everyone would be asked to stay in their rooms anyway, even if they were staying in the main tower.


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We were in the garden wing a 2 years ago (it's awesome) and it's a nice short walk to the main building.
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