Construction walls up along Grand Avenue at Hollywood Studios. New snack stand coming?


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So are we still sure this is Frozen Coke and not Freestyle? I know of two spots at DCA with Freestyle, why wouldn't they bring it to WDW at some point?


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I wish they would get rid of all the Freestyle machines everywhere!

I guess it's actually a good thing since I just end up drinking water instead, but standard Coke from Freestyle machines is disgusting and doesn't taste even remotely similar to Coke from cans, bottles, or normal fountain machines.
I couldn’t agree more, the one place I would still have a coke was at Disney. The use of freestyle machines has allowed me to give up any type of soda for over five years! This is from someone who drank it too much from the 80’s and on. I am so glad these machines came into my life. I would much rather have a 100 cal light beer than a 200 calorie soda!

Also, there is still good items at the resort but not in anyway what it used to be. Can you still get a
Polynesian lamp? Yes. But bring back the day of the Kermit lamp or the real Disney Home Store where you could get the Mickey arm chair with ottoman or the door pulls. I am glad to be in that timeframe to say my wife and I have them all!


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Here's a first look at the some of items coming to Ice Cold Hydraulics in Muppet Courtyard.

Candy Painted Cinnamon Rolls: Mini cinnamon rolls topped with Coca-Cola-infused glaze and toasted nuts:


Bouncin' Mini Churros: Savory churros topped with Coca-Cola and bourbon candied bacon, sriracha aïoli, and scallions:


Frozen Slushies: Fanta Blue Raspberry, Minute Maid Lemonade, or Coca Cola (Also available with Jack Daniel's Whiskey, Bacardi Superior Rum, or Stoli Vanil Vodka):



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little food stands like this are nice. DHS needs more work than any other FL park so hopefully they got something much bigger in the pipeline though

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I was hoping this would help Grand Avenue feel more like a two-sided street (rather than just a line of buildings on one side), and block more of the SWGE spires and Muppets show building... but I guess this didn't accomplish any of that?

Any thoughts from people who've visited recently on how it impacts the area's aesthetics?

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