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I love this game! Discovered it by noticing this thread in "new posts" last week, and have not only added it to my daily game slate, I usually play it first, before Worldle, Statele, Waffle, and Quordle 😁

So thank you new distraction!

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You never know what joys WDWMagic will bring into your life. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a massive fan of Survivor. Like obsessed. And how did I get into it? Seeing people post about it here. I decided to start watching at the start of season 26. And since then I've seen every episode of all 44 seasons. I've rewatched the first 40 seasons twice, and I'm on my third rewatch. And I'm gearing up for the premiere of season 45 in a few weeks. All thanks to a thread on this website!

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