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Trip Report **COMPLETED** The Story of Two Nuts Who Decided to Go to Disney for NYE

Doc Disney

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Day 2 continued
We ended up taking an uber home because we had just missed the bus. Our Uber driver did not speak English which was totally fine until we went into the Contemporary (he actually tried to take us to the MK first o_O). The security guard was like can I help you? He says "I don't speak English" so I explain we are taking an Uber from Animal Kingdom and he is dropping us off at OUR RESORT. I had my Magic Band ready to show him and the security guard got a bit snooty and was like "well why are you coming in here - are you going to the Magic Kingdom?" I said "as I already said we are staying here and he is dropping us off." Then his attitude changed really quickly and he said "welcome home." It was a bit odd but I'm sure they have to deal with a lot of stuff over there. Anyway I guided the Uber to the drop off but I did not know where I was going either and we went the wrong way in a one way. Oh well...not my problem :joyfull: I hopped out of the Uber real fast :hilarious::hilarious::hilarious:
We were hungry so we grabbed some mugs from Contempo Cafe then headed down to the Sand Bar at the pool for some lunch. We love the Sand Bar!
We ordered a chicken quesadilla and nachos
It was just as delicious as I remembered from the last time we ate there a year and a half ago :happy:
The food is freshly made and super hot which is not easy to come by at Disney :)
After lunch we headed back to the room to a nice Housekeeping surprise :)
We relaxed on the balcony for a few minutes then decided to head over to the WL to see the Christmas decorations.
I forgot we were actually heading to the WL for dinner later in the week but we still decided to go anyway. To the boats we go :)
I have been dying to see the Christmas decorations at the Wilderness Lodge for years so I could not wait to go in.
The tree was even better than I expected :eek: The pictures do not do it justice.
Actually all the decorations were adorable.

Next up: more WL

Doc Disney

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Day 2 continued
We sent this picture of me with the fireplace to our family saying it was 80 degrees out :joyfull: We are mean...it was snowing back home.
Then we wandered around outside for awhile.
Eventually, we headed back to the Contemporary and relaxed by the pool for a a little bit. It was SO nice to be in the sun - I miss the sun ☀ :cry:
Then we got ready so we could head to Epcot via the monorail

Next up: Epcot!


Day 1 continued
After putting our stuff in our room we decided to head over to the Magic Kingdom since we did not have our luggage yet. In hindsight we probably should've picked up our luggage but we had already put on the Magical Express tags so it was too late. We actually went without bags which was a dream :hilarious::hilarious:. We have never ever ever gone to a park without bags! We figured we were safe without our things since we were only going for an hour :joyfull:
View attachment 338946
When we got there I was expecting it to be really crowded but it was actually quite quiet since the fireworks ended.
It was "snoaping" when we walked in :)
View attachment 338947
We had a FP for Buzz so we headed over there.
View attachment 338948
It is one of our favorite attractions and a great way to start the trip. I will spare you our ride photo...its awful :joyfull:. We debated going on the Peoplemover after this but I actually made us a FP for IASW so we headed there next.
View attachment 338950
View attachment 338951
View attachment 338952
We were exhausted at this point. I felt bad because when we walked into the Magic Kingdom Mickey had a short wait but we bypassed it to make it to our FP in time. He continued to have a short wait when we left too but we were exhausted.
Well...not before some photos :joyfull:
View attachment 338953
View attachment 338954
View attachment 338955
View attachment 338956
We got back to the room sometime around 11:15 p.m. Our luggage was still not there which was a bummer. It had been over three hours and I had expected it to be there somewhere around 11/11:30. Thankfully we packed our toothbrushes, but we had to just suck it up and go to bed with regular clothes on. Why I managed to pack a toothbrush and not pjs ? - no idea.
Anyway, my mom woke me up at 1:30 AM. Our luggage was still not there but we had a message from Bell services saying that they received it. The message came right after we fell asleep at like 12:05 am. I had the understanding that they would drop it off no matter what time so I thought that was odd but maybe they just realized we were probably sleeping. We actually called Bell services at 1:30 to see if they could bring it up but no one answered so we just waited until the morning. Moral of the story, we decided to just pick up our luggage anytime we have an evening flight from now on.

Next up: Day 2!
Great trip report as always! The guy behind you in the 2nd pic from the bottom looks like Toby from This is Us!!

Doc Disney

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Day 2 continued
Oh hello Epcot
I meant to get another photo (aka a better one) of the topiary but I never did :facepalm:

We headed over to Mexico for Gran Fiesta Tour. It was like a 15 minute wait :joyfull:
Shockingly there was a "fiesta hoy" - this is a running joke in our house about how there happens to always be a fiesta ;)
Then we checked in for dinner at San Angel Inn. We were doing the dining package so prepared ourself for a three course meal.
We started off with chips and salsa. They changed the salsa which we were initially bummed about but it was actually quite tasty.
We both got the same appetizer - Sopa Azteca (Traditional Tortilla Soup served with Fried Corn Tortilla Strips, Avocado, Cheese, and Chile Pasilla)
And the same entree :joyfull: Mole Poblano (All-Natural Grilled Chicken Breast topped with a classic Mole Sauce made with Pine Nuts, Spices, and a hint of chocolate served with Parsley, White Rice, Poblano Rajas, and Tortillas)

Next up: more dinner

Doc Disney

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Day 2 continued
For dessert I got the flan. It was OK - not sure what possessed me to even order it - the texture was a bit too much for me
My Mom got the caramel ice cream
Everything (besides my flan) was fantastic. The mole poblano was especially delicious - the chicken was so tender! I wish I had some now....why oh why do I write/read TRs before eating :joyfull:
After dinner we wandered around World Showcase a bit

Next up: more World Showcase

Doc Disney

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Day 2 continued
More World Showcase...
Italy becomes a bit like a place for the homeless when the pizza window is open. People are laying around eating pizza everywhere :joyfull:
After relaxing a bit we headed to get in line at the Candlelight Processional Dining Package spot and holy moly was it long :jawdrop: I had no clue that that many people would be doing the dining package.

Funny side story: a woman behind us was too tired for the show and kept whining about it. She proceeded to ask her husband to sell their tickets for like an insane amount of money :banghead: I'm thinking to myself a. you already ate dinner that is pretty much where the money goes (although it was pretty expensive - thank you rewards card) and b. everyone in this line already has tickets (aka stickers) so who are you trying to sell them too?!

Anyway, when we were let in the theatre all those people in front of us actually wasn't that many. We sat in the fourth row but really could have sat anywhere :joyfull:
I was so excited to see Candlelight Processional. This was the first time my trips ever aligned with it so I was thrilled!

Next up: some pretty bad camera photos :)

Doc Disney

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Day 2 continued
These trumpet guys were my favorite...

Cal Ripken Jr. was our narrator

The show was beautiful. My Mom and I both enjoyed it but both agreed we would have rather seen it before Christmas :joyfull: Also the kids in the choir were hilarious. Some of them were so animated we could not stop laughing. On another not super funny but sadly kept making my Mom and I crack up note 3 kids had to be escorted off the stage for near syncope (passing out). :hilarious:
Anyway after the show we headed out
We had a long monorail ride home but eventually we made it and passed out right away!

Next up: Hollywooooooddd
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