Trip Report COMPLETED! Live! Our We've Been Married for 20 Years and Now are With the Band TR! 12/13/19-12/18/19

Hi Everyone!!

We leave on Friday for our trip and I wanted to do a somewhat live report. I am hoping that I can at least give you all some highlights of our day each evening, then a more focused report when we get home.

Let's get most of the general stuff out of the way:

When: December 13-18
Where: All Star Music
Who: Hubby, Rich
Myself, Heather
DD, 16, Savannah
Bestie, Megan
Bestie's Bestie, Trish


This is me, not the best picture but check out the adorable ears I made for our trip. Love them!!

A little on how this trip came to be. My daughter's band/choir is singing/marching in Disney and we just could not dream of not being there to see it! Savannah is part of the choir whom will be singing during the Candlelight Procession on December 14th with Narrator Gary Sinise. (Do you think I would get kicked out if I jumped up and yelled "Lieutenant Dan! You've got magic legs!"???🤪) The band will be marching on Main Street to open the parade on Monday also.

Hubby and I were originally going with the school but kind of got kicked out. Honestly, I am so much more excited to be going ourselves! I did do a "pre-trip" report that explains all the hooplah on how this trip came to be if you would like to check it out. Also, I have my entire itinerary posted there so you can see if my plans changed at all or if I followed them to a T!

For those of you that have read my pre-trip and followed me on over here, welcome and thanks for following along!

Unless I have something MAJOR to tell you, I may not post again until Friday morning when we are getting off to our home away from home!

See ya then!!!
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