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Trip Report **Completed** It's My Birthday (and its a hot one...)!

Hey guys my computer isn't here yet but I really want to start my TR so I'm slowly uploading pictures hoping my computer can handle it :rolleyes: So, it will be a slow start but here we go!!

Just my Mom and I (Mary and Megan)...as if you don't know us by now :)

July 4- 14th!

The Polynesian :)

I'm off all summer and I always wanted to go to Disney for my Birthday so why not!

T-1 Day
I finished residency the Friday before leaving but this day was insane for me trying to get a bunch of training and applications done before I left. I was also trying to finish ALL our packing...since we are not light packers...:joyfull::joyfull: These are just my two suitcases

Anyway we were finally all set to go and we were out for a quick walk before bed when my sister called me and told me Max (my nephew) was having trouble walking. :( Long story short she had to take him to the ER but it all turned out OK and it was just swelling in his knee from his recent ear infection. Luckily we knew all was OK by like 10:30 and could still get some rest!

Day 1 - July 4, 2017
We had a later flight (aka not 6 am) so we could sleep in a bit, but we were going to Disney so I still woke up at 6am :) I still didn't drag myself out of bed until 7 am though, don't worry :)
We got ready and took our usual "kidnapping" pictures :)


Soon enough it was 8 am and we were off to the airport !
Southwest in our airport had a new self check in thing so we tried it out. This gave my flash backs to when I flew out of Canada to Punta Cana and struggled with self check-in but this was much easier and it only took me a few minutes to figure out the luggage tags :) The whole thing, however, made my Mom very nervous so she was glad I was doing it :p
When we brought our luggage to the counter the worker was saying that we MUST be going to Disney World (based off the DME tags and the Minnie Mouse suitcases) and how he and his coworkers go to Disney several times a year too :) We were lucky to have TSA pre-check and the TSA worker was so sweet about our matching shirts and saying she loved them. Anyway, the whole experience was very pleasant and I looked at my phone when we were through and it was 8:27 am. Drove to airport, checked luggage, and went through security all in 27 minutes :)
We were pretty hungry so checked out the Anchor Bar's breakfast menu but we were not feeling it (and we are creatures of habit) so went to get our usual bagel breakfast :)

Petey was there of course

We enjoyed our bagels then headed to our gate to wait. It was a VERY slow airport day (probably since its a holiday) so it was kind of nice to relax in the quiet. Soon enough we were on the plane!
When I got up in the morning my Lambie (yes I have one) was on the floor by my carry on. I had no idea how she got there but it was like a sign that I had to bring her so I did :)

Magic Bands unite!

We were lucky enough to be seated in row 3 and there was a dog behind us which made it even better :)
Our flight was actually about 20 minutes longer than usual but we entertained ourselves with The Keepers from Netflix (love that you can download stuff to use offline) and we had a fantastic flight crew!
You all know what happens first at the airport (well besides the bathroom...)! The fonorail!!

Next up: down to DME!
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Brian & Jill

Well-Known Member
Loving your trip report!!!!! Haven't been on the forums for a while!!! Been very busy with work, helping out my parents with there newly built house, and with both of our nephews playing travel soccer we go to every game and tournament so needless to say we are finally slowing down not that soccer season is coming to an end. Looking forward to the rest of your trip report. Happy belated birthday!!!!


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Day 4 continued
Here is a random wall picture for you
View attachment 218817
My only gripe about Tiffins is the tables for two. They are so close to other tables for two! Each set of two tables is in a half wall so its like you are literally in a small room with other people. It didn't help that the other people next to us were super obnoxious and kept looking at our stuff and asking what it was. They were also drunk and kept ordering cocktails. They also were on their phones the entire time which is a huge pet peeve of mine! Get off the phone and enjoy your meal and your company! Sorry rant over. Next rant is that the guy on the other side of us ordered the whole fish and its mouth and eyes were directed at me the whole time :joyfull::joyfull::joyfull: Not really a rant, more of a "I'm grossed out" story. Thankfully the half wall partially shielded it :)
For dessert we both switched it up and ordered new things
My Mom chose the Passion Fruit Tapioca Creme
View attachment 218821
She said it was good, but very sweet!
I chose the Sorbet tasting. I was actually in the bathroom when our waiter came to take our dessert orders so he and my Mom chose for me. I wanted the vanilla but I ended up with the Kaffir Lime Syrup and Passion Fruit Curd ones :joyfull:
View attachment 218820
Mine was also very sweet but still it was actually very refreshing! This was a good dessert for me since it was nice and light :)
They also surprised me with a Birthday plate :)
View attachment 218819
View attachment 218823
That was so sweet of them! The one chocolate it came with for sure had alcohol in it and it was very strong tasting :p
After our amazing meal we waddled our way outside. We did get a parting gift of some homemade chocolate since we were return guests :)
View attachment 218825
I kind of forgot about it and it melted a little in my backpack but I put it in the refrigerator and tried it a few days later and it was super yummy! White chocolate with a hint of orange :)
We can not recommend Tiffins enough! I worry that it will close because its still not very crowded even with Pandora being open. The one podcast I listen to said its definitely in danger of closing :cry:. That would be so sad!! If you are worried about eating there because you are picky eaters so are we and we found plenty of foods we enjoy!!
Earlier in the day I was on MDE and found a FP for the Navi River for later in the evening so I grabbed it! So, after dinner we headed back to Pandora :)
View attachment 218831
View attachment 218832
View attachment 218833
View attachment 218834
We really took our time exploring some more and even Face Timed my sister and my nephew Max so they could see it too :) (although seeing it in person is much different).

Next up: more Pandora

I love love LOVED Tiffins on our trip in May. I really hope it doesn't close :cry:- it was my favourite restaurant of the whole trip!
Your food pictures are making me hungry and its only 10:45am :hungry:


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Day 1 continued
View attachment 217132
Well, as luck would have it we got our text that the table was ready at 8:45! Woohoo!
Birthday celebrations at the table :)
View attachment 217133 View attachment 217134 View attachment 217135 View attachment 217136
As you can see from the picture of me our table wasn't right by the windows like I hoped it would be and I was somewhat bummed that we didn't stay on the deck for a better view. My Mom and I were discussing me being able to see and it sounded like we were arguing :p The people around us were probably like....that girl is a brat :joyfull:
Well it turns out the fireworks are shot off like mirror images and it was actually a perfect spot we were in the see both sides of the fireworks! All that worrying for nothing! PS our waiter kept asking us if we wanted to order during fireworks. Shhh sir!
View attachment 217138 View attachment 217139
Of course I would have still preferred to be closer to the window but thats OK :)
View attachment 217140
The fireworks were incredible!!! Loved the music and how many fireworks there were and I was so happy we were able to see them! I would love to come back for the 4th of July someday and even though they were great from the California Grill I feel like next time I would like to watch them either from the Poly or in the park :) Just for a different view!
After the fireworks my Mom and I ordered some wine (Riesling for me Moscato for my Mom)
View attachment 217156
Bread time!
View attachment 217157

Next up: California Grill continued
One of our favorite spots to dine, but it's been hit or miss with service. I miss the old setup bc we use to request that back room that faced the lake and was def a lot more intimate and the servers paid more attention. We still keep going back though!

Doc Disney

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Original Poster
Glad you were safe!! My mom always warned me that any time you see that dirty yellow colored sky, that's Tornado weather. My husband swore to me that the Netherlands don't get tornadoes...I've seen that color sky here twice, and both times they had reported funnels. Glad it didn't actually rain on you! Did they close all the outdoor stuff because of the storm?

Actually it was weird the rides remained open way longer than I thought they would! We usually don't get tornadoes her at home either but we just had three big ones last week! It was so scary!

Doc Disney

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Original Poster
Loving your trip report!!!!! Haven't been on the forums for a while!!! Been very busy with work, helping out my parents with there newly built house, and with both of our nephews playing travel soccer we go to every game and tournament so needless to say we are finally slowing down not that soccer season is coming to an end. Looking forward to the rest of your trip report. Happy belated birthday!!!!

Thats the crazy thing about summer here in Buffalo...its so crazy busy and the rest of the year really isn't haha! Thanks for reading

Doc Disney

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Original Poster
Poly was where I proposed and then got married at, that place is just awesome. Love the night ambiance!!!

You got married there?? Thats amazing!

One of our favorite spots to dine, but it's been hit or miss with service. I miss the old setup bc we use to request that back room that faced the lake and was def a lot more intimate and the servers paid more attention. We still keep going back though!

I will say in the past we had issues with the service too but I didn't think too much of it except this time the food wasn't great either. I liked that back room too! We were lucky to eat there once !! I mean we won't stop going there because you can't beat the ambiance

Doc Disney

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Original Poster
Day 5 July 8, 2017
This morning we got up around 7 am and ate some Mickey waffles before heading to Epcot!

They were super into rope drop set up at Spaceship Earth so we joined the masses in the direct sunlight

Well, we thought about rope dropping Soarin' but we were kind of hot so we just roped dropped Spaceship Earth instead :)

After our ride we decided to play a game since its usually too crowded to even look at them. We decided on the surgeon's game and we ended up with the ranking of resident after missing a few body parts (not because we didn't know them but because our coordination with video games is dismal :p). I was trying to tell the computer that I just graduated from residency! :joyfull:
After this it was time for our first Fast Pass so we headed over to Test Track!

I let my Mom design the car this time since I usually take over :) I don't think I have a picture but I'm sure it looked beautiful

After Test Track we headed over to our next FP Living with the Land



While on our ride I picked us up a lunch reservation for Via Napoli. We had a reservation for later in the trip, but we were feeling pizza for lunch :)
I was really able to move up FPs this day so I moved up Figment so we could finish off our FPs for the morning


Next up: Epcot continued

Doc Disney

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Original Poster
Day 5 continued
After our ride my Mom made this beautiful Figment :)


After this we headed over towards World Showcase

We walked ALL the way to Morocco to see if we could do henna, but henna doesn't start until 1 pm so we sat on a bench, hot and defeated :joyfull:

Hot face

I was able to move up our lunch reservation, but we did have about 20 minutes so we walked around Japan a bit because they had air conditioning :)

We clearly were delusional/hot and thought this was a great pose :joyfull:

Anyway, we finally checked in for lunch and we were seated very quickly.
We weren't by our usual table, but instead by the pizza ovens


For lunch we ordered pizza but I decided to try something new so we split half pepperoni for my Mom and half Quattro Formaggi for me

I liked the Quattro Formaggi, but did miss the sauce and so preferred the pepperoni half! We did tell them it was my Birthday but they rushed us out of there with no Birthday treat :oops: Haha it wasn't my actual Birthday anyway so I couldn't be mad :)

Next up: a whole lot of relaxing and not a lot of pictures :joyfull:

Doc Disney

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Original Poster
Day 5 continued
Oh I forgot we used our PhotoPass to do some Figment Photo Booth pictures :) Here is an example

Anyway, after lunch we headed to Norway but decided not to get any treats so we headed out of Epcot.
Not without my usual Mexican picture though

We had a very hot walk back to the hotel, but luckily our room was ready so we relaxed inside for a bit. My Mom finished her cupcake from the day before and I enjoyed some of our Tiffins treat :)
We took a short TV break then headed down to the pool but the sky looked like this and the pool was closed!

What to do? We decided to go to DS and do some shopping. I didn't bring my cameras because it looked like it was going to pour at any minute so I figured the less stuff I carried the better. It actually never rained though! We did a little shopping then wandered back to check the Characters in Flight ballon which was still down. Oh well, back home we went. There were lots of exciting people to watch on the bus including some guy that tried to cut the giant line because he didn't think all those people were waiting for the Polynesian/GF bus :facepalm:
Anyway back at the Poly we went back to the pool and it was still very cloudy but no lightening so at least it was open! We were also able to see the Torch Lighting ceremony that they do at the Polynesian that I always wanted to see!
I had only my water proof camera so this is the only picture I have sadly haha

Either way it was super cool and I'm happy we got to see it :)
We did a whole lot more of relaxing before heading back to our room and getting dressed for our evening plans! We did not have very far to go because we decided to check out the Spirit of Aloha Dinner show :) I booked it about 6 weeks before we left I think. We checked in at 7:20 for the 8:15 show because we stopped by the desk earlier and they said to check in about an hour early. It was pretty packed in the lobby with everyone else checking in :)
Checking in so early seemed useless since you couldn't actually go over to the show until closer to eight. They do have PhotoPass CMs taking your picture though so thats nice

After our Photopass picture we headed outside to relax and take some pictures


Anyway, we finally headed over towards the Spirit of Aloha Cove and we saw this boat in the lagoon. We joked that my Mom got it for me as a surprise for my Birthday :joyfull:

The people who actually rented it almost caught us taking that picture :p

Next up; Spirit of Aloha
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Doc Disney

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Original Poster
Day 5 continued

When you sit down your appetizer plate is already set for you :)
Pineapple, salad with a ginger dressing, pineapple coconut bread and soba noodle slaw.

We were in Category One and were about three tables back from the front of the stage which was nice. I feel like you could probably be in any category though and some of the tables in the back were higher up and may have even had a better view :)
DSC_4372 (1).jpg



I was worried we were going to be at a table with other people (social anxiety at its finest :joyfull:) but we were at a table for two. Anyway, the people next to us offered to take our picture for us :)

Similar to Hoop Dee Doo they start part of the show before you get your entrees

Then the entrees came out!
This is awful sorry it was so dark in there I could not get a good picture that would not disturb everyone around us :) Plus we took some food off before taking the picture :p
Pulled pork, ribs, roasted chicken, ginger rice and vegetables

We also had sangria (which is included in the price) and pop!
At some point they called up all July Birthdays to do a dance so I headed up :)

For dessert we got pineapple coconut guava cake

Next up: More Luau

Big Hair

Well-Known Member
Finally back up to speed on your report. So many wonderful things and I wanted to add my 2 cents on a few but settled for just catching up. It's good thing you put a pic of a light fixture though. I was ready to let you know that it is a prerequisite to be in your report for it to be complete.

Doc Disney

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Original Poster
Day 5 continued
Once the actual show starts they eventually do a last call for food and drink because it gets pretty dark and its unsafe for them to be walking around. The table next to us (not the people who took our picture) were so annoying. It was a Mom and three young girls and they were ordering more and more food but then complaining about some of it. They must have eaten three full orders of ribs before telling the waiter that the second order wasn't good (after they ate them all :joyfull:). I swear it was making me sick watching them eat all the ribs even though I like ribs :p

The place is much bigger than I thought it would be! Its funny that I never saw it before from the monorail :)





At some point during the show the guy who took our picture for us was on the phone talking to his buddy. He was going on and on about how bad the beer selections were but he was drinking it anyway because it was free. Not exactly the conversation everyone wanted to hear while at dinner :joyfull:
I could not get a good picture of it but the show ended with a fire performer :)


The show is actually pretty long and I think we finished closed to 10:30 or 10:45 so off to bed we went.
OK ! I wanted to save all of my reviews for the end! I was worried about it being too hot inside because I read that the front tables get too much sun, but it wasn't hot at all and its all under cover. This may have been better because it was the later show :)
I also read that they rush you with dinner which I did not think at all. I never once felt rushed and although we didn't order more food we could have easily with time to spare. Next thing we read was that the food was bad. We couldn't disagree more. We loved the food! Especially the noodles, the ribs and the pulled pork. My Mom and I usually hate pork and we were obsessed with that pulled pork it was so good. The only thing we didn't super love was the dessert. Lastly, I read that the show is cheesy and dumb. Well we really enjoyed it! The music and the dancing were incredible and while the plot was a bit cheesy its Disney and what isnt?! I went into this with very low expectations and in the end was so happy we tried it. We decided we would try it with a small group before taking my whole family in case it was bad since it's very expensive. Well, in the end we loved it and can't wait to go back! I would encourage you all to ignore the bad reviews and check it out. I did hear a lady in the pool later criticizing it based on length and I would agree that maybe its not the best with small children because its a long time to sit :)

Next up: Day 6

Doc Disney

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Original Poster
Finally back up to speed on your report. So many wonderful things and I wanted to add my 2 cents on a few but settled for just catching up. It's good thing you put a pic of a light fixture though. I was ready to let you know that it is a prerequisite to be in your report for it to be complete.

:joyfull::joyfull: I might have another light fixture or two more to add :)

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