Trip Report Completed: How to Avoid a Rebel Invasion: a dual August trip report


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We had a great brunch at Trails End and then made our way back to Pop for a short break. The heat is seriously rough on us New Englanders. Quick showers and we were off to Animal Kingdom for fastpasses. We barely made it within the grace period! R, P and I rider swapped Everest while C and T did Dinosaur. Then it was safari time for everyone! A baby giraffic jam caused a bit of a backup but we enjoyed the ride. Then rider swap for FOP, I waited out the first ride with baby E. We got a Night Blossom.
He geeked out when I wouldn't let him hold it. Lol
We split up after FOP: T and R went to Flame Tree and the C, P, baby E and I went to Nomad. We LOVE Nomad and it's a requirement each trip. We shared the chicken satay, pork ribs, truffle poutine and churros. Caught a bit of the Tree of Life Awakening on our way out. Hopped on the AoA bus since the line was super short and the bus was pulling in, walked back to our rooms and collapsed! Long first day!


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TOTALLY missed the difference :hilarious: Congrats!!! The picture is priceless :inlove:
Very late to the trip report party, but all caught up now and loving it. Congratulations!
Congratulations! I must admit I didn't notice it, I searched the pictures for some sort of clue and left clueless. Now that others have pointed it out I feel a little dumb on how I missed it! :)
Congratulations!! Looks like an awesome first day! Baby E is adorable!
Congratulations! What a great start to your trip!
Thank you all! It was definitely an amazing first day!


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Day 2 for my crew started with us oversleeping... Oops! We missed rope drop at MK but made it around 9:45, to find out that Thunder was down and our 10am FP had been changed to an anytime. We ended up riding Pirates and then visiting the Tiki Birds, then headed to the Plaza for lunch!

Waiting for the Tiki Room!


T ordered the special Minnie Mouse milkshake! And yes, he finished it!

We headed to our 7 Dwarves FP, then goofed it in the heat to Splash for our next FP. T sat it out and stayed with E while he slept in the stroller. A cast member was trying to get people to take Ziploc bags.
CM: Got a cellphone? Take a Ziploc! got hopes and dreams that you dont want to see dampened by the waters of Splash Mountain? take a Ziploc!

I've got a cellphone AND hopes and dreams, so I took a Ziploc. Lol
I like Splash Mountain but I hate the drop!

Big Thunder was back up so we went to use our multiple experience FP on it, C stayed with baby E this time since she wasn't feeling well. The standby line was 125 minutes. The FP line took us 25. It was seriously backed up. We ended up in the front, not our favorite place but the line was atrocious and we felt bad asking for the back.

We headed back to the resort at this point, C badly needed a rest. The rain started as we made for the bus,it was practically a monsoon when we boarded the AofA bus (it was there and Pop had a giant line again). It was still downpouring when we arrived,it was a wet walk back!


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Day 2 cont.

After naps and showers, we braved the elements again for Epcot dinner reservations. C, T, and R headed to Rose and Crown. There waitress was Aimee, sorry @susan lees . In fact, there were ONLY waitresses, no waiters. They loved the food and R got a little birthday gift!

He was quite excited that he got to take it home! They hit up The Land next. T and R visited the farm ride while C somehow managed to use a MK multi experience FP for Soarin 🤷
Meanwhile, P, baby E and I arrived for our reservation at Coral Reef. Decor was a little 80s but we liked it. Baby E was well behaved for about 80% of the meal. That's a lot of sitting still! Thank goodness for Netflix and Little Baby Bum (he's obsessed)!
I'd go back just for this! The Chocolate Wave! Warm, gooey, flourless chocolate cake with a ganache and raspberry sorbet on top. Delicious!
We visited Nemo and Friends since we were right there, Baby E missed it all since he nursed through the ride. Then it was off to the character spot!
Baby E ❤ Characters!!!

He was loving on Mickey! Unfortunately all the pics of the 3 of us with Mickey have my we eyes closed 🙄. Goofy didn't have a photographer but the character handler took photos.
The nice family behind her made faces so E would smile!
For some reason all of our Minnie pics are super dark.
Love you Minnie!

We got in a ride on Spaceship Earth before we exited for the night. C and T had already left, but R stuck around for Mission Space and a couple of single rider rides on Test Track. It was a great, but rainy, day!
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