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Trip Report **COMPLETED** 364 Days and 8 Canceled Trips Later !

HI EVERYONE!!! I AM BACK AFTER A VERY LONG ABSENCE FROM THE BOARDS!!! WOOHOO! (sorry to all the trip reports I missed)

There were many days when I did not feel like this day would ever come. I am very good at compartmentalizing my life and hiding my emotions - it’s a bad coping mechanism I learned in residency. However, COVID got to me. Every single day was exhausting. For months and months and months. I think there were periods of time I worked more than I even worked in residency. I could not even feel that sad about not being on vacation because I was so burnt out. AND, I don’t even work in a hospital so I can’t even imagine what those healthcare workers were feeling. For weeks (really months) I did not sleep. I constantly worried about my patients who were sick and after treating/testing my own COVID patients I was terrified I would give it to my family.


The few times I would go somewhere that felt fun I stressed for weeks after that it was a mistake. I obviously did not plan on going into medicine and having to deal with a pandemic. There was no outlet and we talked about it at work over and over again how none of us could leave or escape because of all the travel restrictions. Even when we were “off” there was no true mental break. I tried to make my YouTube videos and work on my Instagram, but I just wasn’t really into it. I was angry at people who got to go to Disney. I was jealous but I also felt like it was so irresponsible to travel during the big surges. I had way too many patients who got sick after travel so it just made me anxious to see it more than anything. My Mom would constantly tell me she was depressed that she could not be in Disney and I just did not feel the same way. I knew I would be anxious the whole time being there. But…then a ray of light hit in the form of a vaccine. I was so happy to receive my first dose right before Christmas. It was truly the best Christmas gift.

Then - my Mom was able to get hers too because she works in the dental field. A few weeks after my first shot (and a very depressing holiday season because I was quarantined after a work exposure) one of my co-workers who runs all our COVID stuff told me we could go to Florida since we were both vaccinated (and fully vaccinated before we leave). It was a shock, but we were both so excited! I still was not 100 percent ready to go without doing my research. The UK strain made me super anxious so I studied the numbers, the data, the vaccine efficacy against it etc and I felt like it was OK to go. I also asked all my co-workers and did as much due diligence as I could. Everyone told me go!!

WHO?: The usual....my Mom (Mary) and myself (Megan)
Photo from our last trip before COVID

February 19 - February 27, 2021 (took me a bit to get this TR started)

Yacht Club :) Nice AP deal!

February 19, 2021 - Day 1
Our flight was not until a little bit later in the morning, but one of the few things that kept me sane this last year was working out so I kept on my regular schedule and got up at 5 am to work out.
Airport ready!

Then I had a work meeting at 7 am so I listened to that while waiting for my parents to pick me up!
My meeting went extra long so it lasted the whole drive to the airport, but at least I did not have time to get nervous along the way!
Guys...we were so out of practice for travel. I do not travel lightly and usually my Mom takes some of my stuff but this time she did not since we really did not decide we were officially going until right before the trip. So, both of my suitcases weighed 53 pounds :hilarious:. I was honesty going to pay the fee because I was so embarrassed, but my Mom was like absolutely not so we shuffled some things around. Then I thought TSA pre-check was closed so I took out all my electronics but I actually just missed the sign pointing us to the new location. Lastly, I forgot to take my backpack off when going through security. My Mom and I often said to each other this trip "what are you new?!" which we ended up abbreviating to "WAYN." :happy::joyfull:
Anyway....we eventually made it through security. A lot of stuff at the Buffalo Airport is still closed, but thankfully our usual go to bagel place was still open.
I made us drink emergen-c (and I packed us full of vitamins this whole trip).

Look how cute this bagel individualized packet is! I am a germaphobe by nature (before it was cool to be one) so this made me giddy :p


Side note...I took a lot of phone pictures this trip because I got lazy.
Apparently I forgot to take a photo of the actual bagel but a bagel is a bagel!
After our breakfast we headed to the gate. Our plane was already there!

Squished face from the N95 under my surgical mask :)

Next up: more travel


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Day 9 February 27, 2021
We got up around 6:00 am, got ready, and packed a bit.
Some balcony photos...
View attachment 553150
View attachment 553151
We headed down to breakfast. My Mom had a chocolate croissant and I had a cookie I think.
View attachment 553152
Then we walked over to Hollywood Studios. I made us listen to my favorite Disney song :)
View attachment 553153
When we got to Hollywood Studios I thought I saw @ajrwdwgirl and Brad in line so I sent her an IG message but she did not see it until later. It was her! I should have just said hi but with COVID I did not want to invade personal space! I took a stalker like photo though....
View attachment 553154
Anyway...naturally we rope dropped Slinky Dog Dash.
View attachment 553155
View attachment 553156View attachment 553157View attachment 553158View attachment 553159
Next up: more HS

Oh, I didn't realize you were that close to us in line. I wish you would have said hi, that I had check my alerts sooner, or that I would have looked around in line more. Nice stalker picture though! ;) :joyfull: Hopefully our paths will cross again another time.

Doc Disney

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Oh, I didn't realize you were that close to us in line. I wish you would have said hi, that I had check my alerts sooner, or that I would have looked around in line more. Nice stalker picture though! ;) :joyfull: Hopefully our paths will cross again another time.

I know...I really should have just said hi but I am an anxious mess about COVID so I am not sure if you were too :hilarious:


I hope you don't take this the wrong way, since you're two grown women, but you and your Mom are so freakin' adorable!
My daughter and I are traveling together, and I hope we get to go to WDW some day!

Aww thank you!!! I hope you get to Disney too!

Doc Disney

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Day 9 continued
After Runaway Railway we headed over to Aerosmith.

Hey that's me!


We only waited for 10 minutes for this too! Our ride photo did not show up :(
We did get a PP picture after though !

After this the crowds were really picking up so we knew our luck of hopping ride to ride was running out. So....we decided to ride Toy Story Mania since it was a short wait still.






Next up: more HS

Doc Disney

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Day 9 continued
We only waited 15 minutes for this!



I won :)
We ended up heading out after this because we still needed to get our luggage out of our room. Goodbye Hollywood Studios! Until next time!!
Back at our room we said goodbye to our amazing view and called Bell Services because there was no way in heck we were dragging all that luggage again.

We debated about what to do after this. This is definitely the problem with not being able to park hop until later in the day. Normally we would have gone to Epcot for lunch, but we could not get in. So....we actually decided to head back to Disney Springs!
Waiting at the bus stop....

We got to Disney Springs a little before our reservation so we wandered around. I love Zara, but I never actually buy anything there :hilarious::hilarious:

My favorite store at DS is Sugarboo and Co. I am a sucker for anything with quotes on it which is pretty much the entire store :)




Next up: more DS
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Doc Disney

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Day 9 continued

Our lunch reservation was at Frontera Cocina so we headed there!


We started off with chips, salsa and guacamole verde. They used to have this super spicy atomic guac but it is off the menu :(. This one was still delicious though!

For entrees I ordered the steak tacos (make your own) and my Mom ordered the chicken version. It was way too much food! We should have just shared, but it was delicious !


After our delicious lunch we wandered around a bit more.
This dog cracked me up

My Mom could not leave without having Ghirardelli so we headed there!
She got the Sea Salt Caramel Sundae


After her treat we hopped on a bus and back to the Yacht Club. Normally this would be our time to waste in the arcade but since it was closed we had to find other ways to entertain ourselves....

Next up: more randomness

Doc Disney

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Day 9 continued

We walked over to the Beach Club and it was SO quiet ...so weird. Also - there was a lot of construction over there.


We still had quite a bit of time before our Tragical Express so we walked around the Boardwalk. We stopped at the Boardwalk Bakery and grabbed some cookies. This cupcake was SO cute !


Then we sat in the lobby for awhile. My Mom left her bag unattended .... 😲

I love the ceilings in the lobby!

There was actually a lot of good people watching happening so we entertained ourselves with that!
When I tell you that at least 10 people asked us if we needed help while sitting there, though, I am not kidding. Where were all these CMs when we arrived and no one was there to guide us, lead us in any direction, take our bags etc ?

Next up: short post to end

Doc Disney

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Day 9 continued
You could not really see our pouts with the masks but I promise they were there !

On the Tragical Express. This is extra bittersweet since it is going away forever

Did I mention that one of the worst COVID cuts was not having luggage service ?! UGH!!!

It was so packed at the SW counter but at least it went quickly!
At our gate we ate our cookies with their cute Mickey stickers that we got at the bakery.

My Mom got a new spirit jersey!

And that was it....we were on a plane ride home!

Thank you so much for following along and sorry it took forever! We had the best time!!!! Were there things that annoyed me or I missed because of COVID ? Of course. But things can be frustrating in general at Disney so we just went with it. I also think we were just so grateful to be back and SO grateful to still be healthy when so many people are not! We were so lucky to finally be able to travel and have our health that we just kept our positive attitudes and had the absolute best time!!!

Next up: maybe a trip in 19 days.....


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I am very glad that after the stress of the year with your job you and your mom were able to have such a great vacation together. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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Great report Megan!
( or should I say BCDD - have not bought that one out for awhile!!)

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication to your trade during these very difficult times

I appreciate you

Thank you for sharing

Looking forward to the next one

If the border opens up can I count on your B&B opening soon??

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Doc Disney

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Great report Megan!
( or should I say BCDD - have not bought that one out for awhile!!)

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication to your trade during these very difficult times

I appreciate you

Thank you for sharing

Looking forward to the next one

If the border opens up can I count on your B&B opening soon??


Aww thanks! And no B and B yet....
When do you think the border will open ?

Thank you for sharing. You looked like you had a great time whilst you were there. My fingers are crossed for you that you get to go on your next trip!

Thank you so much for reading !!

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