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Compact camera

Mr Ferret 88

Don't buy a Honda 😎
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Howdy Y'all
I am contemplating trading in my Eos-m for a mid to high end compact camera. wanting to cut down on the whole lenses space issue. Looking at a powershot G9x MK2 .



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Looks a good choice, I'd also consider Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V

I've bought the RX100 for my wife, and while it is nice to be able to carry it in your pocket I do miss having a bit more zoom on it. If I could repurchase that camera again I would probably get the RX10 instead, it is basically the same camera with a longer zoom and you just trade off with a bigger size camera... Wife didn't want the bigger camera at the time but I think now after her trying to use it on numerous school activities she realizes she would probably rather suffer with a larger camera than one that doesn't zoom enough. Not sure how much you are willing to spend... the RX100 is about $1000, the RX10 will be closer to 1300 or 1500 depending on which version you get (one has a much longer zoom the other a constant 2.8 aperture but a shorter zoom)... all the RX's are 1 inch sensors so you get decent quality shots but they do suffer a bit in low light due to the the smaller sensor size.

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