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Trip Report Clappy Clap.....Welcome Back!! The Many "World Firsts" TR

Hello all & welcome!! I'm so happy to finally be able to do another TR!! It feels like forever since my last one--probably b/c it has been(at least that's the way I feel)!! So, I don't want to dwell on the negative b/c let's face it, we've all had a crappy year. 2020 has not been kind to us. But, along with the obvious I had 3 relatives pass within 3 months of each other. Then I knew I was losing my job of almost 28 years in July. We had a Disney trip booked in May that never happened. E rescheduled for June(I couldn't b/c of work) but we all know what happened there--access denied. I knew I wouldn't be able to go until August so she & J booked for then. Since I no longer had an existing reservation she figured she would add me on to her's. Little did we know that nothing would be that simple....

I'll fill you in on the drama as we go along....

WHEN: Tuesday, August 11th - Tuesday, August 18th

WHERE: Saratoga Springs(Spoiler--we really ended up enjoying our stay there. Of course, it's not our beloved Riverside but we agreed it had kind of the same "vibe". Being on the Sassagoula kind of helped with that also.)


E & J may have had a reservation but there was no room at the inn for me. E purposely got a 1 bedroom villa & thought it would be easy to add me to the reservation. Yeah, that wasn't happening. They were not accepting any modifications to existing reservations. It was getting down to the wire. She was able to make park reservations & I still couldn't be added on. Finally, all's well that ends well. After many weeks of trying she was able to add me on & I was able to get the same parks. Never fear though, as a few of my magic friends know I had a "Plan B" ready as a backup but fortunately didn't have to go that route.

Then there were the many flight changes Southwest kept imposing on us. Here was one they did for me that was particularly scary. What happened to Pittsburgh to Orlando? :oops: They had my return flight correct but that didn't mean anything b/c it didn't look like I'd be making it there to begin with!!

The loss of my job was weighing on me all year(I've known since January). Here's my desk during my final days.

The reason for the dates was I knew I would be done with my job by then. I figured I'd take a few weeks off. One week to get situated then the next week to go to Disney. After that I would come back and search for work. Sounds like the perfect plan, right?
While still employed the new company taking over was encouraging us to apply. I did but didn't think it would really go anywhere for a number of reasons. Lo & behold they made me an offer on July 30th & asked me if I could give them an answer the next day. They were planning on reopening the store August 16th--while I would be away!! I broke the news that I would be away then. The company was very receptive to it when I explained why I had planned it the way I did. I also figured I should totally come clean & mentioned that I had an October trip booked also!! At this point I thought for sure they wouldn't want me. I called the next day & accepted their offer. Originally the plan was that I would start on the 19th when I got back. They called me on the 1st & asked me to start on the 3rd so I could get some training time in before I went away. I was fine with it & did it but was scrambling to pack etc.

I'm happy to be back in the place I've worked all my life that is so much a part of me. I'm still learning to do things the way the new company does them but overall I'm happy with the way things are going.

E & family were very sweet to give me a good luck present when I started my new(old:hilarious:) job.

With not much time to pack I made sure to do it early. I actually packed 6 days before the trip. That's amazing for me!!

I also made sure to bring a large supply of masks. They would get gross in a hurry!!

THE TITLE: I have to start out by giving credit to @Rista1313!! I got the "Clappy Clap" part from a comment she had made in my last TR. So many magicians loved the saying & I thought it was quite catchy. The "Welcome Back" part is b/c I truly felt like we were really welcomed back by the CM's. They seemed genuinely happy to have guests there. Also, that song had been in my mind for quite some time. Has anyone seen the Applebee's commercial with that song in it? The first time I saw it I had tears in my eyes. It's very fitting & says a lot with little words. And, there were many "World Firsts" you'll see as we go along!!

WHO: I'm sure you've figured it out by now but we're back to the "same old" crew!! My sister E, my nephew J & myself, Patti!!

No, I don't really care for pictures of my backside but I did think this was a neat picture--minus the castle colors. I'm still not a fan!!:cautious:

To all my friends out there reading, "Welcome Back"!!
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We hadn't paid Buzz a visit this trip so we went there next.


I had a lovely score as I always do!! I just don't do well with this one.



We hadn't paid John & the gang a visit yet either so that was next!!

Gotta say, this was in a sad state of affairs. Only parts of the music were working. It was actually kind of creepy. You could hear John singing but no one else. It made it hard to get into the show.

I just remembered this now when I looked at this picture. See the bruise on E's leg? About a week before we left(so keep in mind that bruise is now 2 weeks old in this picture) she was hit by a car. She was at the grocery store(& had to throw it in that it was at my new employer's--not the location I work at but another one) & had returned the cart. Walking back to the car some lady was backing out of her spot, didn't see her & backed right into her. She was & is ok but was quite sore for awhile. Not only her leg but she also had other bruises & her stomach hurt also. Fortunately, her husband was already in the car with J. If the woman didn't see E she surely would not have seen J.

J decided that he wanted to ride Astro Orbiter b/c he had never been on it. God, what kind of monster have we created?? E refused b/c she said that just looking at it makes her sick. I was only on it once. I took my nephew, C on many years ago & said that was one time too many. Those rockets are hard to get into & I feel like I'm going to fall out of it. But, J was on a roll with all these "firsts" so I took one for the team!!

It was a 30 minute wait!! What!! That was the longest wait we had the whole trip. Now my anxiety was getting the best of me!!


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As we waited in the forever line the sky got awfully dark. We were warned that there was a good chance they were going to have to close the ride down. Wouldn't have bothered me in the least but I would feel bad for J.

Until this happened.....

The winds were so strong that all of a sudden part of a tree snapped off!! That was freaky!! Thank goodness it didn't hit anyone!!

After seeing that I really didn't want to go on it but we were almost there & had waited all that time so...
And we finally had made it up the elevator.


It was really creepy looking....

Selfie to commemorate the occasion!!

Or not......

As soon as it was our turn they shut the ride down :( Again, I felt bad for J.

E was shopping & the rain kept coming down harder so J & I grabbed a seat.

As you would expect, all outdoor attractions were closed.


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Whew--thank goodness we got him on BTMRR when we did!!

E met up with us & we sat there for quite awhile & the rain just kept coming.

Finally, we got bored sitting there so we made our way out.

Still not a fan....

The Halloween decorations were out!! They hadn't been out yet on our first visit to MK so we took a look at them.




It was still raining but not as bad & we were already pretty damp & it didn't matter so we headed out.



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You definitely win Aunt of the year award for Astro Orbiter. In fact, you win it for the decade! (I went on it once and once only with my daughter).
Thanks!! I really do not like that ride. Of course mostly b/c of my fear of heights but those rockets are awful. Spinning in circles feeling like you're going to fall out of something is not my idea of fun!!
Ah, I was typing as you posted. I’ll still let you keep Aunt of the year because, well, just because you are 😊
Why, thank you so much!! You're too sweet!!

Spoiler--we ended up on it later!!


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I know the rain didn't help but it was so empty there.


A monorail was pulling in as we got up the ramp.

The weather was so dreary.



We got off at The Contemporary. The Outer Rim was closed. J was excited to see Chef Mickey's b/c he likes it there. We told him that wasn't open either.

We browsed the shops. I really like this shirt & regret not buying it. Maybe next time!!
I was bummed b/c I had forgot to get the Smore's candy from The Confectionary. I remembered that they also had them here. Not anymore---all the treats in the case were replaced with bagged items😞

We hopped back on the monorail & continued on our journey!

An empty TTC!!


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Tambu Lounge here we come!!

It wasn't open yet so we walked around a bit.

The more I think about it the happier I am that we're not staying here next week. The rooms there are quite pricey & with as much that is closed at the resort along with not having the monorail service to Epcot I'd probably feel like I was getting cheated--esp. b/c that would have been our first time staying there.


Definitely not as many tables as there once was.

It was definitely very quiet there.


We decided to get some appetizers there as our dinner. Again, bring your readers since you got to pull that menu up on your phone!!

I wanted to get the Island Sunset but it's not on the menu. I asked if it could still be made. Either the answer was going to be no or they just didn't want to but it took so long for them to attempt to answer me that I finally told them not to worry about it & I would have the Lapu Lapu.


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See the guy in the background? Anyone know who he is? We assumed he was some vlogger. Multiple people were coming up to him like he was a celebrity. Even the CM's seemed to be falling all over him. As we were leaving though I asked our waitress who he was & she said she didn't know. I figured he had to be some vlogger b/c how else could someone talk to their food & still have people falling all over him wanting to talk to him??

E was sly enough to get a closer shot of him;)

I can't remember what J had to drink.

E & I both had the Lapu Lapu. No Island Sunset for me.....

Double fisting.....

Thank goodness the food came--it served as more of a distraction than anything. It's very hard not to stare at someone who's having a conversation with their food esp. b/c no one else was around!!

The wings were ok. I don't eat them much but when I do I like them to be crispy. That celery mix was good!!

The ribs--they were ok also. I'm not a big fan of ribs either so that could be why I felt that way.

The California Roll was so-so. I'm not a fan of sushi. I usually only eat raw tuna. This had too strong of a fish flavor for me.

None of us were super thrilled with the food but it wasn't horrible either. Like I said, I don't really care for most of the foods that we had so that could have a lot to do with it. But, it was great to have the Tambu Lounge open!! It was nice to be back!!

On another note there were a bunch of VIP looking people walking around 'Ohana. Our server told us that they were looking to possibly open in October. Well, here we are & we all know that's not happening.


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Thanks!! I really do not like that ride. Of course mostly b/c of my fear of heights but those rockets are awful. Spinning in circles feeling like you're going to fall out of something is not my idea of fun!!

Why, thank you so much!! You're too sweet!!

Spoiler--we ended up on it later!!

You are definitely braver than me 😉

All I remember is worrying that we’d both fall out!


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When we got off the monorail it was about 6:00. Originally we didn't plan on going back in but MK would be open for another hour so we figured why not?



Another cavalcade was coming through!!

We ended up picking up where we left off. Or should I say we started all over? J really wanted to go on Astro Orbiter so we got in another 30 minute line for it.

30 minutes later we finally got on!!

He absolutely loved this one also!!

I'm happy that he wanted to go on & glad that he liked it!! Now, who's going to take him on next time?🤔

E was waiting for us when we came back down.



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We decided to head out after that ride.


We stopped in The Confectionary. They now have the treats displayed(I would assume so that people will decide what they want before they get to the counter).



J said that he wanted a cupcake.

The selection was very slim. They didn't have the peanut butter cookies that E likes.



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You were saved by the torrential rainstorm for sure but I did feel bad for J. :( I'm glad to see that you finally got him on at some point. :) The Halloween decorations in the shops and around MK are my favorite things to see this time of year. It really puts me in the spirit!:) It saddened me about the COP not working properly because it's one attraction that harkens back to Walt Disney and it should be maintained for his legacy! I think you made the right move about switching resorts from Poly to SS with everything closed the way it is over there! I've never had drinks at the Tambu Lounge in all the years that we've been going to Disney World. Sounds like they've limited the drink menu too.


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When we got outside the characters were out waving to everyone.

It was really cute but made me sad at the same time.

A farewell selfie!!

Look at that frizz--I'm definitely heading out here shortly!!


Maybe b/c it wasn't crowded but it actually felt like each character was waving to you personally.


J was really getting into it. It was so cute!! Who am I kidding, I was waving like crazy myself!!

It was sad b/c it made me think of how different things are but I think Disney has done the best they could with character interactions.


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We got to the bus stop around 7 & there was no one else in line!!

While on the bus we told J to look up. There were 3 things in a row that he had accomplished on this trip--a banshee, a ride on the millennium falcon & a ride through a mine!! He really was quite proud of himself!!

@Longers I teared up again.



Back at the resort J ate his cupcake(really just the icing).

I had got the smores treat that I really wanted!!

Twin PCB's!! @MickeyCB had texted me & asked me to pick one up for her. I had got it that day at MK!!


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See the guy in the background? Anyone know who he is? We assumed he was some vlogger. Multiple people were coming up to him like he was a celebrity. Even the CM's seemed to be falling all over him. As we were leaving though I asked our waitress who he was & she said she didn't know. I figured he had to be some vlogger b/c how else could someone talk to their food & still have people falling all over him wanting to talk to him??

That is Michael Kay, a vlogger. People either love him or hate him. His content has declined since moving to FL. YMMV


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Phew finally caught up on the remaining pages and again I’ve forgotten most of my comments but hit the like button so many times!

Hope J and your sister are both doing ok following their injuries. J is a trooper so I’m sure a couple of staples after he did all those rides was a breeze for him. (Or that’s probably what you told him anyway)

in some ways the parks look amazing with low crowds but then other things are sad (Shops closed, queues to enter, masks etc) I think I’d rather everything was normal right now, (but quieter) are we allowed to have both?

I see they announced the opening of an all stars hotel for Feb 2021 - I am praying for an opening date for our beloved POR soon. I will be so much happier when something is published to know we have hope. I may have teared up seeing the photos too. So sorry re Bob. In all the times we’ve gone we’ve never watched his show as we’re normally out at a park taking in every second of the parks. We’ve walked past a few times when we’ve come back early and seen everyone having a fun time. He is a part of the furniture so maybe they will bring him back at some point along with several other cast members who have lost jobs - it’s so sad.

I was in some way relieved to go home after all our drama during our Aug 2019 trip and really wish that when we were talking about a trip for maybe Feb this year that we had just booked it and gone - that’s one lesson from Covid - don’t put anything you want to do off. Just go with it and enjoy life - things can change in an instant........

Laura Loves Tigger

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The spray you want is called Weather Proof made by Big Sexy Hair. It is awesome. I have fine straight hair that I like to curl. It falls immediately when I go out in humid weather. My son got married in the middle of July in Missouri. The humidity was really high. This spray (applied after I had used hair spray) kept my hair looking great for over 12 hours. I bring it on everyOne trip!

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