Citrus Dreamin' - Game Thread - The Penultimate Expedition is Underway


Was able to listen to this on the drive home this morning - really great show!

For @Architectural Guinea Pig since he was asking, there's an old thread which chronicles all the SYWTBAI Seasons (except Season 20 I hadn't updated it last year - you can find it here

In fact when I update Season 20, I'll probably link each season comp thread as well to make it all go together.

Like was said on the podcast at least on the wdwmagic forums here the two longest running games (both semi and/or officially retired) are SYWTBAI and Sorcerer's Apprentice. And I would say the 'fun uncle' of the group would be the 'One Sentence Competition which has been running for over a decade.

But there are many other games that have been played for multiple seasons

One Little Spark ran for 3 seasons
The Sole Imagineer ran for 2 seasons
The Great Movie Ride Competition ran for 2 seasons
1984 and the sequel 1986 (if it's considered a sequel)
then there are 'one-off' games like

The House Cup (2016)
The Creator Games (2015)
The Choice (2015)
A Twist in Time (2016)
The Imaginarium (2021)
What If? (2023)
Manor of Mysteries (2023)

Each has their own charm and memories for those playing in them while the longer running games tend to have more nostalgia and in-jokes, especially the later seasons of SA which have season storylines parallel to the gameplay, one of my favorites being season 7 because it was post-COVID when we were still semi-remote and it was a way to bring folks together. I was able to make that storyline into a google slide presentation here

Oh, I forgot about The Choice! :D Good Times.

...Is Sorcerer's still running? :bored:

This game almost was One Little Spark 4!

If you look back at the first season, you can see a lot of similar DNA between Citrus Dreamin' and One Little Spark 1: Sponsored by Stealing Things which was the first larger scale competition I ever hosted. But I liked how that series evolved away from being "my game" and thought a clean slate and a new theme would be better.

Which is another point about all these games is that rarely are any of them "owned" by one person. OLS 1 was hosted by me, but then @PerGron and @Outbound put their own twist on hosting One Little Spark 2: The Quest for More Views and then @Tegan pilots a chicken went wild with One Little Spark 3: The Spark Squad (I was also kind of involved in OLS 3, but I was working like 60 hours a week at the time so other than helping with the prep work that was really Tegan's baby).

Sure you get things like SYWTBAI which is very much associated with a specific person's voice (Though @TheOriginalTiki) frequently collabs with co-hosts to keep it fresh) or how @spacemt354 usually advises the hosts for Sorcerer's Apprentice seasons post season 4, but in general part of what keeps these games and these forums fresh is that everyone is building off of each other's work. Constantly going "Yes and" and letting things grow and change! Giving new voices the spotlight, working together, mixing things up, learning from mistakes and then returning to try again!

If there's a Citrus Dreamin' Season 2 who knows if I'll be hosting it or co-hosting or just advising or playing in it or heck... if I'll even still be on the boards when it happens. But the idea that this game could inspire a future game the way I was inspired by past games is something special

I never went ahead and did SAVI, but I had made comic versions of the story for season 4 and season 5! Sorcerer's Apprentice really did develop a fun narrative for the last four seasons

I see them come and go. It's crazy to keep track on the years of comps to be honest.

Is... Elite Eight still a thing? That used to be wild.
Don't tempt me! I love THE LAND and will do anything for it!
Oh, well, about the land, well,

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