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Christmas trip ideas


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We are going on 12/4 - 10 (staying at CBR) and really excited to see all of the Christmas decorations in the different parks and hotels. My wife had a question last night that I wanted to ask y'all. Besides the obvious like the light and garland, what is unique about Disney at this time and what are your can't miss things to see and do during the Christmas season at Disney. I know I want to see the gingerbread house at GF and see AKL (if it's open). Thank you in advance for the feedback, it will give us a better idea of how to plan our days at the different parks and what hotels to hop to, have a drink and look at all the decorations during our trip.


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I don't think you need to go to AKL. They do a good job but you can get a similar sense of the atmosphere at AK itself. I'd personally limit the resort hopping to the monorail loop.

Where are you staying and what kind of transportation will you have?
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I'd Skyliner over to Epcot and walk a loop through Yacht, Beach, and Boardwalk one evening. Then do a monorail loop at lunchtime on your Magic Kingdom day.
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Its still too soon to know how Disneys going to handle Christmas due to Covid. If things look better they may bring back some or most entertainment that has been missing. In the past EP has had Santas in various countries describing their traditions. The Candlelight Processional and other forms of entertainment.

Other than lights and decorations, weve looked forward to getting "snowed on " on Main Street.
There are holiday specific snacks, drinks and treats that arent around outside of the holidays.
The Christmas park music playing certainly gets you in the joyful mood.
In DS theyve had the Christmas Tree Trail. Last years was set up differently than before.
Jingle Cruise may be in place at MK, with different skipper banter.
Lots of holiday merchandise and clothing in all the shops. The Christmas shop is always fun to visit no matter the time of year, but at Christmas it's just special to wander through.

The entire mood of everyone around seems to be more joyful and friendly at that time of year all over Disney property. Its been our all time favorite time to be at WDW.
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