Christmas or Easter weak?


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I know both of those times will be busy, but I am hoping the full week of Easter, might be less busy? Kids have the week off, but don't
think most States/provinces have that week off???? So I'm leaning at Easter week. thoughts?


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Both historically have been at or near capacity crowds but the weather in the Spring is usually better.


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If you stay at Ft Wilderness during Dec ride around in a golf cart and just stare in amazement. In the RV loops many guests deck out their RVs in Christmas lights etc and it looks like a mini Osborne lights spectacular when it used to be at MGM on NY Street.


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Theres nothing that special at WDW at Easter time that would come close to comparing to the Christmas week. Decorations, music, events, even the attitude of people seems to get better around Christmas. Choosing between the two its hands down Christmas week.

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