Trip Report Choosing Disney Over Iceland... Duh.

Hi all!

Time for another trip report from yours truly. I was dreading starting this because that means it is OVER.. but we are officially 262 days until our December trip so it stings a bit less.

This trip was planned very last minute for us, only about a month out. Our plan for our tax return was to visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights (a bucket list item for my husband Ian). The volcano situation got a bit wild over there over the past few months so we had to put that on the back burner for now.

The question arose - what to do now?! Obvious answer - Disney World!

When: March 1-6
Where: originally AS Sports, upgraded for a small amount more to Pop for skyliner access two days before our trip began!
Who: me (Annie), Ian (my husband), and Nora (our newly 2-year-old)

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Here we go!


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How exciting going last minute to WDW. Looking forward to your adventures.
Only a LITTLE stressful, but so worth it!!
YAY!! Can't wait to follow along.... sorry Iceland had to be bumped :(
We say that we still traveled around the world(showcase) 😅
Can't wait to hear all about it
Looking forward to reading all about your trip!
Here for the details!
Welcome aboard!!
Choice between Iceland and Disney is tough, but I think you made the right call (definitely go someday)!
Excited to follow along!!
👋🏼 👋🏼
Excited to follow along!
I've recently got back from Iceland and I never thought anywhere could make Disney prices look reasonable/cheap but Iceland managed to do a very a good job at doing so. It was £35, which I think is about $40ish, for a pizza and a drink.
Oh I have totally seen that BUT the round trip flights from Boston to Iceland are cheaper than Boston to Orlando 😭😭😭😭
If you make it to Iceland the Blue Lagoon is awesome and the volcanic soap for sale is heavenly. It makes your skin soft like a baby's butt.
Yes!! It’s on our list!!
I mean, i don’t know if you’ve heard this, but,… there are multiple volcanoes at Disney World that erupt every single day!! 🙃


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Here we go!

Day 1 - March 1st

As I mentioned, this trip was pretty last minute for us but the weeks still dragged on. Especially during the heart of winter in Maine. We were tired of the endless cold and snow and ready for Florida weather!

Two nights before we left, we saw that we could upgrade from All Star Sports to Pop Century for less than $200 more. We jumped on it, as Ian hates folding up the packed stroller to get on the bus and the ability to just board the skyliner for 2/4 parks was a big motivator.

Our flight on Friday was out of Boston (about 1.5 hours away from our house in Maine) at 11 AM. This was great timing as it meant we did not need to wake Nora up early!

We were up and ready to go when my dad came to pick us up.

Nora was very excited about her Magic band that I couldn't resist paying $10 for her to wear for like an hour total lol


The drive to Boston was pretty uneventful. It was after rush hour which helped quite a bit.

Security was a breeze and we were left with about 45 minutes before boarding. Nora is always a fan of the kids play area in this part of the airport and has fun getting her wiggles out before the flight.


After a little playtime, we grabbed a couple pre-vacation donuts. I needed a little sugar to get me going.


We pre-boarded with the other families of littles. This was Nora's first flight with her very own seat. We have done 5-6 with her in our laps and I've hated every one of those flights. This was SO MUCH BETTER.

We brought her carseat for her to sit in. Ian didn't love carrying it around the airport but it was so worth it.


We chose a window seat for Nora and a middle for me. We chose the seat in front of Nora for Ian because she has LONG legs and could certainly reach the seat in front of her to kick. Just trying to be courteous of other passengers (sorry Ian!)


The first 2 out of the 3 hours went pretty well. Nora did some activities, coloring, watched Bluey with her headphones and had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


She fell asleep after a little over an hour and I thought YES - WIN. But then after 40 minutes someone behind her kicked her seat and woke her up. And so we spend the last hour of the flight inconsolably sobbing. She was just so tired and definitely needed to sleep much longer than that. I felt for her and tried my best to offer comfort (to no avail)

This is where the carseat is amazing though. While she was thrashing and upset she was locked into her seat, not causing harm or disruption to anyone. When she would get upset as a lap infant it was SO AWFUL trying to control her in my lap. This was a million times better even in the struggle.

We eventually survived the meltdown and started our descent. Nora kept pointing out the window and shouting "WE DID IT. DISNEY WORLD" 😅


Deplaning went quickly and before long we had a quick outfit change to something more appropriate for the warm temps.

Nora was excited for her first "ride" of the trip too.


Our bags came out pretty quickly and soon we were getting loaded into our Uber XL. We needed LOTS of space for our bags and stroller and carseat (traveling with a toddler o_O)

Our Uber driver was very nice and was excited to tell us to start taking pictures at the entrance.


On our way I got a room ready text. We were in the 50s section on the second floor. We had requested a king room and were granted one, so we were pretty excited!

Once at Pop we went straight to our room, we were too excited!


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