Cheap/good motel for 2 night stay


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Motel 6, Maingate ?
Looking for a $50-60 nightly rate a day

Its only to rest the last days of my trip
Its 4 adults! 2 beds


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You may be able to find someone that can rent a timeshare for 2 nights. It wouldn't be much more than that and much nicer. I like saving money more than most people, but I would never stay in a Motel 6. You may even be able to try to use Priceline or something similar to get a $50-$60 a night rate. Better than a Motel 6.


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Check VRBO or AirBNB just search (Entire home) if you wanna be more comfortable.

Also, we've stayed Baymont inn and suites in celebration before, it was very nice.
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