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changing last name on reservation..


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long story short..when we booked our upcoming trip for September we were on our honeymoon and I had yet to change my last name on any documentation, so the agent booked it under my maiden name.. well now I am in the process of changing my name (everything except my passport so far).. I intend to leave the cruise and flights as is, due to the passport.. but would there be any issue with Disney changing my last name on my resort and dining reservation?

If not it is not that big of a deal, I would just really like when we go to our restaurant reservations for them to call our family name, instead of my maiden name.

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You should be able to just call the reservation center and make the change on your resort reservation. I am not quite sure on the dining reservations. The older dining system required a "cancel and re-book" to make changes. I am not sure if that has been corrected in the newest system.

That being said, your name on the reservation is largely irrelevant. Disney gets newlyweds there all the time and they are quite use to the last names being different. Since there is no TSA to deal with for going to the parks, they really do not care. At worst, have your old ID or passport with your maiden name on it if you run into that odd CM on a power trip.
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