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Unfortunately I was only very recently able to finally get to Pandora. Personally I was blown away by the land and FOP, but I was wondering what changes there have been since the land first opened. For example I saw in pictures of the early land there being blue cephalopod creatures that would spurt water at guests, but I couldn't seem to find them when I visited. Were those removed just when I was visiting or much like the mist at the top of Everest are they lost to history now? And what else did I miss?


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Tim Tracker showed them off in a video last week. They had been rotated out for refurb and are looking fresh.362797
The location is central, but it's off the main path so it's easy to miss.

I visited days after last year's big hurricane, and outside of some projection mapping on the mountains being out, I was very impressed by the resiliency of this land. Flight of Passage's seats are currently being refurbed as well (possibly upgraded?) and there is also a repaving process going on that is restoring (or even improving upon?) the bioluminescent walkways. Best way to gauge would be matching up some pics you took to some similar ones from opening day.
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Oh I was just there this week and forget to check on those little water squirting guys... would have loved to see them looking so fresh!
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