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Change of refurbishment dates for Blizzard Beach


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Original Poster
as noted on the refurbishment list on the list and as announced in June, the original refurb dates started on 25th October, having looked on MDE and discussions on FB, it appears the closure date has been revised to 4th October inclusive.


New Member
Is this now a definite date? We booked our trip specifically to make sure we caught Blizzard Beach open (never been to that park before) so more than a little frustrated! Where can I find out why it has moved?


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When did they reverse it? Typhoon was always closed in December and Blizzard in January. No biggie to me, just curious why the schedule change.


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Is anyone else disappointed they're closing Blizzard beach 3 weeks early! I'm not sure if the 'water parks & more' feature is worth it for our stay now. What do you guys think?

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