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Challenge ideas


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We are putting together some challenges for friends who are going on their first trip - ideally for the 10&13 YEAR OLD to do.
They are there the fortnight before us so both families will complete the challenges separately
We have some ideas but can you add to them
1. Photo on as many forms of transport (our son and theirs are trying to out do each other with as many as they can consider transport)
2. How many disney transport vehicles can you travel on in a day
3. Collect the trading cards from MK
4. try something to eat in each EPCOT country
5. Find and photograph as many hidden mickeys

....... the boys are competitive

PS we are there for 14 nights so plenty of time
I once had a very short trip with my sister, only one day in the parks. We decided to ride a roller coaster (Test Track at Epcot) in one day. Was a great day, we managed to ride 2 rides in each park and have a meal or snack. Would also be useful for the quest for #1 or 2 above.

Ted Daggett

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1. total rides in one day contest
2. total times on single ride
3. craziest photo taken by the automatic cameras on rides
4. total churro eaten contest
5. Photo of as many numbers 1-100 inside of the disney parks
6. total selfies with cast members


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List as many animals as you can find on the Tree of Life.
Photo as many hidden creatures in the rock work of Adventure Land as they can.
List all the people with dedicated windows on Main St, and then find out who they are (that’ll keep them busy in the evenings 😆).
How far can they get playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom?
Take photos with as many statues they can find (obvious ones and not so obvious ones.
In World Showcase, get photos in front of as many symbols and replicas of each country (Totem Poles, Stave Church, St George, a red telephone box, Hampton Court, Doges Palace etc) as they can.
List all the bus and gondola wraps they spot.

Tie Breakers could include photos of five most surprising things they find.


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Challenge to see by viewing name tags, the different places the CM's are from. See who can get CM's from every states in the USA, see if they find ones from your state, maybe your home town even... then see how many different ones from outside of the USA. See how many CM's have the same first names as them.


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Here are a few good ones I can think of.....
  1. 3-parks in 1-day Thrill Ride Challenge across Epcot, Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom - Did this once, so much fun but missed RNRC and FOP
  2. Four Parks in One Day - Did this three times, two of these in crazy 7.5-8 hour time limits.
  3. Snack around World Showcase - especially during an Epcot Festival!
  4. Ride every 'mountain' at MK in one day
  5. See every Tree of Life Awakening in one night
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