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jimbo mack

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Hi all

Travelling from UK to The World for 2 weeks from November 2nd.

During our trip we were thinking of spending some time in the town of Celebration, as we heard it's a good place for dining and shopping.

There doesn't seem to be much info online. Is it worth it in your opinion? And what times do the restaurants and shops there close generally? Is it a friendly town?

Also from the UK. Celebration is a nice place to wander round for a couple of hours. It's peaceful and there is a nice walk around the lake. There isn't much in the way of shopping, but what they do have is unique. We have dogs so Woof Gang Barkery is somewhere we always manage to loose a few $'s. There is a good choice of places to eat or places to just stop for a drink. We always go when we visit The Mouse, but like I said only for a couple of hours.


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Celebration Town Tavern is always a must for us. Columbia Restaurant has great food (Spanish/Cuban) and D'Antonio has very good Italian. Don't forget to stop at Kilwins for ice cream.