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are they worth the $39 ? We have not done this but I was thinking of it for a parents birthday at Sanaa. I realize they are probably small but just wondered if you all think yay or nay on them. Thanks


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Worth it? As far as taste and value, absolutely not. However, to commemorate a special occasion with personalized cake design and special attention at the restaurant, $39 isn't terrible. We've ordered them for our kids for milestone birthdays, and celebrating a graduation, so I felt like the special occasion and attention made up for a pretty basic cake. The issue we always had was the leftovers. We didn't want to carry around cake with us so we always ended up sharing it with tables around us. It's hard to finish off an entire cake when you already have amazing desserts available to you at restaurants but the experience was nice.

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Sorry, but I've never had the cakes that you mentioned, but we've always enjoyed Amorette's Patisserie in Disney Springs for their wonderful cakes and desserts. Absolutely Yum! I see online that they also offer a cake decorating experience. How fun is that!


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I wouldn't. They're a cute novelty, but the cake itself is really strange. The outer coating is jelly-like and the inside tastes more like some cake mixed with pudding (apparently it's mousse?). It went almost entirely uneaten when we bought one and we haven't even considered trying one again.


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Those celebration cakes look just so unappetizing! I'd get a sweet treat (i.e. fancy cupcake, brownie, etc) for the person celebrating.

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