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CBR vs. Pop -- Bus transportation


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Total newbie on the board, but not when it comes to WDW planning. My 25 y/o daughter and I just made plans to go to WDW in early May since we will both be vaccinated. Our last two times as WDW we stayed at the Poly, but we were with my two sons and husband. We have stayed at Pop Century. as well as All Star Movies and Dixie Landing (going way back) before. I have already booked Pop, but I have been debating changing to CBR (more for the theming). We are not interested in knocking ourselves out trying to go to Hollywood Studios in the a.m., but we would like to get to AK and MK for rope drop. This makes bus transportation key. I have been seeing plenty of horror stories about bus transportation at both CBR and Pop. I was wondering if anyone has had any recent experience with buses at either of these resorts. If so, would you recommend one over the other? The size of the resort and where the room is located is not a concern; however, I will confess to getting impatient when I wait a long time for bus. Also--any input on taking the Skyliner back from Epcot or Hollywood Studios at closing would be appreciated! Thanks!


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The bus service to/from POP is probably one of the best services...yes, there is sometimes a line, ONLY because it's such a busy resort. We've stayed there multiple times (and we're going back in about a month)...never had a problem.


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Pop has one dedicated bus stop where CBR has multiple stops. Depending where you are located, you could be first to be picked up, or last. I'm not sure what route the buses are taking. Taking the Skyliner at the end of the day is fine, we took it when we stayed at Pop. The line might seem long but it is constantly moving.

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