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We are going to WDW next April.
We are most likely going to stay in the CBR. Is it worth splashing out for the AKL?
We have not been for 4 years, and I do not know how many years it will be until we can go back.
In my family there are 2 children: 13 yr old boy and 15 yr old girl (massive Disney fan). They both like the look of the AKL a lot. Do you always get rooms with a view?
They like swimming a lot. We will be in the parks most of the time.

Thank You. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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It depends what you consider "worth it".

In my experience, every Disney resort is well kept and comfortable. I've stayed at the All Stars [x2] and at Port Orleans French Quarter and will be staying at Animal Kindom Lodge in February. The three different resorts all had great rooms, the cleaners always did a little something "extra" that thrilled my son, arranging his toys to be a welcoming party when we got back from the park, making towels into little figures on the bed, etc... We've never had a bad experience.

That said, the various levels of resort have differing levels of amenities and ambience. You get slightly better bus service the higher your resort is on the food chain [not as far to walk from the parks and usually more frequent runs]. There are hot tubs at most of the Moderate and Deluxe resorts. Restaurants are better as you move up the food chain as well, Value only have Food Courts, Moderates and Deluxe have those and sit-down restaurants, with high-end fancy restaurants also at Deluxe. [There are other differences, but these are the obvious ones]

It comes down to your expectations. If you're in the "a bed is a bed after a long day at the park" kind of person, then the Value resorts are fine. If you're wanting a little bit more from a resort, then think Moderate and if you feel like spoiling yourself and "putting on the Ritz" then treat yourself to Deluxe [if you're really splurging - go Concierge].

At AKL you book [and pay] based on view. There are "Standard" rooms with standard, water/pool and savanna views, "Deluxe" rooms [slightly larger - 4-5 people] with water/pool and savanna views and "Suites" [6-8 people] their site doesn't say what view, but I'm guessing they'd all be savanna view.
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I don't know what your family does with regard to sleeping arrangements in a hotel. My kids will not sleep together, so DH and I split up. (not my preference--my DS rocks and rolls, and steals the covers)

At 13 and 15, and opposite gender kids, you might want to consider AKL and a bunk bed room.
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I'll echo the question about sleeping arrangements. You can also get one of the Deluxe resorts that has a day bed. We are a family of five and my teenage son always ends up there.
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I have done both resorts many times and the main consideration we have made at time of booking was how much we are willing to pay for the room rate and if there are specials.

AKL will run some great specials for a Deluxe Hotel throught out the year and it won't be much more in cost than a Moderate, which is surprising to me for what you get. The differences that I see is the style of hotel. CBR is going to be a smaller main building with outside entry rooms. The AKL is a massive entrance main building with interior hall doors to your room. At AKL we have done concierge, standard rooms, and deluxe savannah rooms. In all, the view wasn't that much of a concern for us. We actually were on an end room (standard room view) our last trip and we saw the giraffes more that trip than any other...they tended to like to congregate around that area, so we were extremely lucky then. You also have valet parking service there where you don't at a moderate (if you like that type of service). and at AKL you have Boma's and Jiko's... and full room service.

I am not knocking the Moderates, I love them too. It is all just comes down to what you are willing to pay to get those extra touches. The moderates have charm and are great also. And to be honest, either has a nice sized room (usually much larger than a non Disney hotel room). The AKL does have the bunk beds which are nice if you have a boy and girl (that way they aren't having to sleep in the same bed)...which can be a problem.

All in all, either one is a great choice and I don't think you can go wrong with whichever you choose. If you have someone in your family that loves animals...than AKL is great for them. We are going this summer with my niece. I told her she could pick whichever hotel she wanted and we would stay there...definitely AKL for her. She has 4 dogs and 2 cats (her own personal AKL) at home. It was AKL hands down. So I think the biggest draw for that hotel is the animals on property and the unique atmosphere.

Good luck in your decision...either is a winner in my book.

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Here is my Opinion. we stayed 3 nights at WL and then 2 at CBR. I love WL and will always go back but they had no rooms available Friday and Sat night so we stayed at CBR. CBR was nice nothing super special about it. The bus stops are annoying. Our rooms smelled musty and I did not care for that. The rooms all have access from the outside. If I had to stay there again I would, but i personally would not plan my vacation around it.
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Lots of good advice here - particularly about sleeping arrangements. We too have one of each, and it gets a little tricky as they get into their teens.
Personally, if I had to choose between the 2 resorts, I'd definitely go with AKL. CBR is nice and my kids enjoyed it when they were younger. However, if you want to make this a vacation they'll never forget, by all means go to AKL.

The other possibility, and many families do this, is to book your first few days at the CBR, then splurge on the AKL for the last couple of nights. I would highly recommend that you speak to Pam of Kingdom Konsultant here on the boards and she can really help you out.

Either way, have a magical vacation! :wave:
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Personally I would go for the AKL for the extra room, sleeping conditions and the fact that with a deluxe you do get more. If you want a view, but don't want to pay an through the nose, then go for the standard savannah view. I have stayed in both the standard savannah and the deluxe savannah view rooms. You do get more room in the deluxe along with a much larger balcony area, but you will get to see the animal either way.

Please keep in mind that you can request specific savannah view also.

Good luck and if you need any help with your planning, please feel free to contact Mitzer, wannabeBelle or myself.

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