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Cast tickets


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I have a friend who works at WDW and has offered me some tickets when my family wants to go. I am planning on going to California this summer. Do cast members still have paper type tickets and can they be used at Disneyland? This could save me a fortune in CA
I'd recommend asking your friend directly but your friend may be eligible to receive some transferrable tickets that you could use at Disneyland without your friend. If your friend is offering his or her guest passes, your friend would have to be with you.
My daughter worked in the College Program this past August through December. We went down and visited three times. She got us free tickets every time, but she had to be there to scan her band before we could use the tickets. Not sure if you would be in the same boat. But I can tell you that in three visits to FL our family saved over $2000 in Disney admissions.
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