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Caribbean Beach Resort question?


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I wanted to know is the CBR has wheelchair access and which island and building has wheelchair access? also the CBR have elevators but I needed to know and CBR is close to EPCOT as well? and One more thing Does CBR has shops in the Old Royale Centertown! I don't have a map of CBR can help me! We are going to CBR in Dec 10-12, 2010! I need to know why does CBR don't have Elevators please tell me why!:confused:


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After sifting through all those questions...

CBR has handicap-accessible rooms spread out throughout the resort in most/all buildings and villages.
All handicap-accessible rooms are on the first floor because none of the 2-story buidlings have elevators. A similar situation occurs in Riverside, where the 2-story Bayou buildings don't have elevators, but the larger Mansions which have some sections of 3 stories do have elevators.

There are 7 bus stops in CBR. One in each of 6 villages, plus a stop for Old Port Royale (last time I checked, its stop was referred to as the "Calypso" stop). Because of that stop, it makes Martinique one of the most convenient villages, because half of the buildings are close to the Martinique village stop and the other half are closer to the Calypso stop.

As for a map, I looked for one here on WDWMagic, but there doesn't seem to be one in the CBR photo gallery. AllEars has one available here: http://allears.net/acc/g_cbr.htm

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