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I recently applied for a canine handler security position. I have over 14 years in law enforcement with a little more than 5 of that as a canine handler.
I received an email a few days ago telling me to upload my certifications (which was done) along with my training dates from start to finish on the official letterhead.

To my experience, I was in Virginia for the canine portion of my LE career. In Va, the department of criminal justice does not require a canine school, or even legally require a certification. The courts will side on certification and, in whole, review training records and proficiency. My training was conducted throughout my time as a handler and my certifications were obtained through the Virginia Police Work Dog Association. I did obtain from the Sheriff of the department a letter verifying my employment dates along with my time as a handler and resent my certifications.

I also obtained and attached a letter from the Sheriff on letterhead, listing my dates of employment, and dates of the canine assignment.

There is no way to contact Disney to question if this is acceptable or not but the email said that if my records were not submitted then my application would be discarded.

I did speak with a canine handler prior to applying that has been employed for 2 years who said that his only experience was volunteering at an animal shelter and another who had no experience as a handler but went through a certification program to become a trainer before being hired.

Is there anyone who has first-hand knowledge of the canine division for Disney Security that can answer if what I submitted with suffice or maybe tell me the best way to present my credentials in the future. I'm just worried because I've been looking for this since 2016 and finally living in Florida and it's available.
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